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Eyad Abu Shakra

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Downing of Ukrainian Airliner Further Exposes Iran’s Political Nature

For many, the downing of the Ukrainian airliner shortly after taking off from Tehran tells more abou

Soleimani is Gone, Will his Plan Survive

Qassem Soleimani exiting the Middle East’s arenas is undoubtedly a significant landmark; for the man

The ‘Earthquake’ of the UK Elections

Some in the British media chose the word ‘Earthquake’ to describe the Conservatives sweeping victory

In Iraq, the Genie Has broken the Bottle

I take great pride in possessing a copy of ‘The Iraqi Directory 1936’.

Lebanon’s Independence is for the People, Not its Rulers

Many Lebanese were delighted by their country’s 76th Independence Day celebrations last week. The

Suppression is Tehran’s Next Step in its new Colonies

I am not sure how true or accurate was the report published by some Lebanese newspapers about a visi

From Iraq to Lebanon & Syria…the Threat is One and the Same

As US President Donald Trump congratulates himself on the ‘achievement’ of withdrawing from Syria, w

What the Lebanese Uprising is all About

The Lebanese Uprising has entered its second week, with salient truths that deserve attention: Th

The Final Chapter of Lebanon’s Incorporation with Tehran’s Axis

Fourth Caliph Ali Ibn Abi-Taleb once famously said: “Had poverty been a man, I would have killed it!

Another Geographic Detail is Drawn by the Sponsors of the Syrian Tragedy

One sure truth about the Syrian tragedy that is ongoing since 2011; or perhaps since the fall of Pre

For an ‘Iraqi’ and ‘Arab’.. Not an ‘Iranian’ Iraq

“Baghdad is Arab”, a resonating cry that shook me to the bones, when uttered by Iraqi men and women

In Times of Extremism, Populism Becomes an Alternative to Democracy

“MPs of all parties must unite to rein in this reckless, divisive government”. These words were n

Abqaiq Attack: The End of a Lie

A lot has been said about the dual attack that targeted Saudi oil installations in Abqaiq and Khurai

Tunisian Elections: A Choice between Personalities and Programs

Perhaps, only Tunisia among the countries of the “Arab Spring” has managed political change without

The Regional ‘Voters’ in Israel’s Elections

The Israeli elections, scheduled for September 17th, may or may not end Binyamin Netanyahu’s rule.


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