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The Final Chapter of Lebanon’s Incorporation with Tehran’s Axis

Fourth Caliph Ali Ibn Abi-Taleb once famously said: “Had poverty been a man, I would have killed it!

Another Geographic Detail is Drawn by the Sponsors of the Syrian Tragedy

One sure truth about the Syrian tragedy that is ongoing since 2011; or perhaps since the fall of Pre

For an ‘Iraqi’ and ‘Arab’.. Not an ‘Iranian’ Iraq

“Baghdad is Arab”, a resonating cry that shook me to the bones, when uttered by Iraqi men and women

In Times of Extremism, Populism Becomes an Alternative to Democracy

“MPs of all parties must unite to rein in this reckless, divisive government”. These words were n

Abqaiq Attack: The End of a Lie

A lot has been said about the dual attack that targeted Saudi oil installations in Abqaiq and Khurai

Tunisian Elections: A Choice between Personalities and Programs

Perhaps, only Tunisia among the countries of the “Arab Spring” has managed political change without

The Regional ‘Voters’ in Israel’s Elections

The Israeli elections, scheduled for September 17th, may or may not end Binyamin Netanyahu’s rule.

A Rosy Picture from Taif

When Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz declared that “We will never return to the

Lebanon is Now a Hezbollah-run State

What began as a small shooting incident in the mountain village of Qabr Shmoun is now a full-fledged

Hezbollah is the Real Government in Lebanon

The Lebanese government has been disabled for a while due to a concocted crisis, the intentions behi

How Does America View Iran’s Bets and Russia’s Plans in the Middle East?

All the talk about Arabian Gulf security is only matched in the past decade by talk about the Syrian

Sudan: Settlements without Solutions

The last few hours were heavy going, as everyone concerned awaited the hoped for “agreement” between

US: 2020 ‘Meal’ is Being Prepared

During the last few days, Middle Eastern affairs followers were interested in the Bahrain Economic C

Iran’s Bets on the Arabs and the International Community

For those monitoring Iranian affairs for some time, Tehran’s recent military escalation in the Gulf

Three Summits and Three Priorities

I vividly remember the day in 2000 when one of Lebanon’s leading religious Muslim figures visited th


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