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Eyad Abu Shakra

Eyad Abu Shakra

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The Threshold of America’s Escalation Against Iran

The build-up of the US military might in the Gulf region is supposed to be taken seriously; as there

Terror, Racism and Eugenicists

I recall a famous quote by the Tony Benn, the former British Leftist Labor minister which is: “The M

Sudan: The 3 New Messages Coming from Khartoum

In late August 1967, in the midst of the thick clouds of the Arabs’ heavy military and political def

What Arab World is Desired by the International Players?

Geographical distances may be long, and political rhetoric may differ; but we, as Arabs, have to und

Weak Links in a Sea of Extremism and Counter-Extremism

The outcome of the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s visit last month to Lebanon was more than exp

Christchurch: A Stop on the Road of Globalizing Racism

For a remote small city, like Christchurch, New Zealand, to witness a racism massacre like the one c

The Arabs and their Neighbor Africa

A few months ago, I was invited by my MP for a cup of coffee in his office in the House of Commons,

Algeria’s Future Must Come First

Praise be to God I still remember the milestones of Algeria’s Revolution in the second half of the 1

Lebanon: Is It Goodbye to the Taif Accord?

What happened during the Lebanese Council of Ministers’ meeting a few days ago neither needs a const

What Government for What Future in What World?

The attention of the Middle East’s observers was divided during the last few days between two confer

A New Non-ideological ‘Cold War’

From Syria to Venezuela, the Western Powers on one side and Russia and China on the other, are flexi

The Arab Nation and its Soft Bellies

It was announced, a few days, ago that the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was about to vi

What is More Important than Pompeo’s Reassurances

One understands that there are differences in how two opposing radical wings of America’s two major

Waiting for an ‘Arab Project’

There is a disagreement regarding the next practical steps in the countdown for the Arab Economic Su

No …Voters Are Not Always Right!

Paris has been living tense moments, as the political impasse intensifies and the glitter of change


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