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The Arabs, US Midterm Elections and Iran Sanctions

Those are very tense, exciting times, filled with ambiguity and obstinacy. Last week, the re-impo

Brazil: A Dangerous Adventure After a Disappointing Experience!

Brazilians have elected Jair Bolsonaro as their new president. Bolsonaro (63 years), a populist p

Lebanon: October 13th 1990 Revisited

To many young Lebanese men and women, the events of October 13, 1990, mean nothing.

Lebanon: Governance in Difficult Times

Few hours separated the optimism expressed by Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, and th

How Is It Possible Not to ‘Politicize’ the Syrian Crisis?

I do understand that many in the Arab world are so sick and tired of lengthy crises that they can’t

Iran and the Impossible Admission

I guess that the operation that shook Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan (Arabstan) Province in western

Another Look at the Definitions of Right and Left

Among the most interesting ironies I have known is the weird relationship between the USA and Commun

What is Bigger and Beyond the Battle for Idlib

There seems to a consensus that the battle for Idlib province in northwest Syria will be the final o

Lebanon’s Future Cabinet Awaiting an Absent Entente

The intractable complications hindering the formation of Lebanon’s future cabinet, like those of the

Would Iran be Allowed to Rewrite the History of the Middle East?

I still remember the US State Department’s annual reports about states that “sponsor and support ter

Clear Choices Facing Iran

The change of occupants in the White House, following the 2016 US Presidential elections, has affect

What the Suweida Druze Mean to ISIS Employers

The Druze (officially, “The Muwahhidoun”) may be unlucky for being the most loyal minority to an ide

A Natural End to the ‘Two-States’ Illusion

One has to say that the Israeli knesset’s passing of the new ‘Nationality Law’ defining Israel as a

Lebanon’s Sectarian Statelets

Let’s forget, for a while, about the weird boasts of “strength”, and excessive claims of “patriotism

Those Who Have Emerged Victorious against the People of Syria

Arabic is one of the world’s most beautiful languages; it is exceptionally rich in meanings, eloquen


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