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Eyad Abu Shakra

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Lebanon is Now a Hezbollah-run State

What began as a small shooting incident in the mountain village of Qabr Shmoun is now a full-fledged

Hezbollah is the Real Government in Lebanon

The Lebanese government has been disabled for a while due to a concocted crisis, the intentions behi

How Does America View Iran’s Bets and Russia’s Plans in the Middle East?

All the talk about Arabian Gulf security is only matched in the past decade by talk about the Syrian

Sudan: Settlements without Solutions

The last few hours were heavy going, as everyone concerned awaited the hoped for “agreement” between

US: 2020 ‘Meal’ is Being Prepared

During the last few days, Middle Eastern affairs followers were interested in the Bahrain Economic C

Iran’s Bets on the Arabs and the International Community

For those monitoring Iranian affairs for some time, Tehran’s recent military escalation in the Gulf

Three Summits and Three Priorities

I vividly remember the day in 2000 when one of Lebanon’s leading religious Muslim figures visited th

May’s Exit Points to a Crisis of Thought and Identity

The British, as well as others, may best remember the image of Prime Minister Theresa May holding ba

Our Problem with Iran is its Regime

I have to admit that I am not a fan of US President Donald Trump; nor am I someone who likes the vie

The Threshold of America’s Escalation Against Iran

The build-up of the US military might in the Gulf region is supposed to be taken seriously; as there

Terror, Racism and Eugenicists

I recall a famous quote by the Tony Benn, the former British Leftist Labor minister which is: “The M

Sudan: The 3 New Messages Coming from Khartoum

In late August 1967, in the midst of the thick clouds of the Arabs’ heavy military and political def

What Arab World is Desired by the International Players?

Geographical distances may be long, and political rhetoric may differ; but we, as Arabs, have to und

Weak Links in a Sea of Extremism and Counter-Extremism

The outcome of the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s visit last month to Lebanon was more than exp

Christchurch: A Stop on the Road of Globalizing Racism

For a remote small city, like Christchurch, New Zealand, to witness a racism massacre like the one c


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