US to Provide Israel with Modern Weapons to 'Face Possible War with Iran'

US to Provide Israel with Modern Weapons to 'Face Possible War with Iran'

Friday, 8 June, 2018 - 08:15
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participates in a forum hosted by the Center for American Progress in Washington November 10, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo
Tel Aviv - Asharq Al-Awsat
Security sources in Tel Aviv revealed the approval of US President Donald Trump of a broad plan to strengthen the capabilities of the Israeli army, to meet the “threat of a possible war with Iran.”

The plan includes increasing the number of US military units in Israel and expanding them regularly, and strengthening Israel’s defense capability to surpass Iranian ballistic missiles, the sources said.

In addition, Trump canceled a decision by former President Barack Obama to block refueling planes from Israel. He even decided to reverse this decision by supplying the Israeli Air Force with a large number of Boeing KC 46 refueling aircraft, which would enable the Israeli army to operate longer and more flexibly, against targets far from Israel.

Israeli sources pointed out that Obama, at the time, refused to supply Israel with an additional number of these aircraft, part of his policy to reduce the Israeli military capabilities to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The new Trump resolution was made in response to NATO’s well-known position, expressed by Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg last Saturday, in which he said NATO would not help Israel if it came under Iranian attack, stressing that the central objective was to achieve an international consensus on Iran’s exit from Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in London on Thursday that European countries “do not understand the new situation emerging in our world because of the Iranian nuclear project”.

“If Iran tries to work toward a nuclear bomb, Israel will work to ensure that Iran is not capable of acquiring nuclear weapons,” he said.

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