Libyan National Army Makes Advances in Derna

Libyan National Army Makes Advances in Derna

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018 - 05:45
The Libyan National Army made advances in the eastern city of Derna. (AFP)
Cairo – Khaled Mahmoud
The Libyan National Army officially announced on Tuesday that it has made new military advances on the ground in the eastern city of Derna in its campaign to liberate it from terrorists.

Commanded by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, it said that it had seized control of several positions from the extremists.

The forces captured the al-Dhahr, al-Hamr, al-Hila and Martouba areas from the terrorists, the LNA revealed in a statement.

“They are still advancing steadily towards liberating Derna from terror,” it added, while saying that 21 terrorists have been arrested in the campaign.

Media affiliated with the extremists acknowledged on Tuesday that five members of the al-Qaeda group were killed in army strikes in al-Hila.

The al-Naba television, which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood group, reported that five members of the “Derna protection force”, formerly the Shura council, were killed in the airstrikes. The attack pushed the forces out of Hila.

Fierce clashes were reported between the army and extremists, especially in the southern areas of Derna, where the military said some 500 pro-ISIS and Qaeda foreign extremists are holed up.

Hafter had on Tuesday held talks with Italian Ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Perrone, who stressed the need to hold elections in the country.

He added that international community must focus its attention on “providing Libya with what it needs in order to allow it to hold the elections in safe and transparent conditions.”

The Libya Quartet, which includes the European Union, African Union, Arab League and United Nations, has endorsed holding parliamentary and presidential elections in Libya before the end of the year.

The French embassy in Libya welcomed recent parliament calls to hold the elections. It also expressed support for UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salameh’s to resolve the political crisis as soon a possible.

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