Fake Traffic Cameras in Germany to Slow Down Speedy Cars

Fake Traffic Cameras in Germany to Slow Down Speedy Cars

Wednesday, 7 March, 2018 - 06:45
The transportation and use of radar warning devices are now punished by a fine of 1.500 euros, the withdrawal of six points in the driver's license and seizure of the device. AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN
Cologne, Germany - Majed Al-Khatib
The German city of Cologne has allowed people to install fake cameras in order to reduce the risk of speed and noise near residential areas.

One month ago, the traffic department discovered these fake cameras in the neighborhood of Holweide. It was a wooden version of traffic cameras which a family has made and set at the crossroads near its house. The trick was not only to reduce the speed of cars, but also to reduce the number of cars passing near the house.

Yannick Young said he managed to put an end to the noise and cars, which exceed a 30-kilometer-speed per hour, near his house. He and his children made a wooden camera and set it up in the park located at the intersection near the house.

Young noticed how motorists press the brakes automatically when they approach his home. He also hanged a written warning that to keep children and pedestrians from approaching and detecting the fake camera.

Young said the intersection near his house used to see an accident or two every week, because motorists always neglected the speed limit for residential areas, and public transport buses ran at a speed of 50-60 km/h near his home. However, this is over now thanks to the home-made "fake" camera.

The municipality of Cologne said there is about 30 similar cameras in the city. Robert Fox, mayor of the Holweide district, recognized the effectiveness of these “fake” camera, but asked what would happen if every citizen decided to set up a fabricated camera near his home.

In a poll conducted by the Cologne-based newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 57% of readers supported the idea of fake cameras saying it was effective, while 32% of participants saw that nothing can deter the street "hooligans" from driving quickly in neighborhoods.

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