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Fear Climate Change — and Our Response to It

The potential costs of climate change, already the subject of heated debate, may actually be underst

How Real News Is Worse Than Fake News

As problematic as “fake news” is, and as dangerous as the label can be, maybe “true news” is equally

When and Why the World Went Wrong

What exactly has gone wrong, and when and why?

Hardliners Learn That Democracy Can Pay Off

“What have been the really major advances of the past 20 years?” is one of the most common debated q

Forget New Robots. Keep Your Eye on the Old People

Bloomberg asked readers a year ago: “Are you about to be replaced by a robot?” Next the question bec

North Korea Talks: Here's What a Pragmatist Could Hope For

It's been confirmed that CIA Director Mike Pompeo held direct talks with Kim Jong Un in North Korea,

How to Test Your Favorite Conspiracy Theory

I am of the view that incompetence, random error and sheer complexity explain most of the mistakes a

The Syria Memory Hole Is Opening Up a Bigger Danger

Sometimes the biggest events are those that don’t get the most publicity, and the lack of notice its

Africa Is Sending Us Its Best and Brightest

President Donald Trump decried Thursday that the US was not taking in enough immigrants from Norwa

Trump's Economic Revolution Is All About Investment

I’ve seen hundreds of articles on President Donald Trump and trade, but the real significance of the

End of Net Neutrality Isn't the End of the World

Eliminating net neutrality is, in the best and worst case scenarios, either necessary to keep the in

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