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Tyler Cowen

Tyler Cowen

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The Coronavirus Will Usher in a New Era of Entertainment

First the NBA postponed its season, with no immediate resumption in sight, and then March Madness wa

How Fast Can a Virus Destroy a Supply Chain?

The global supply chain, already under pressure from President Donald Trump’s trade war, now faces f

Coronavirus Would Be Worse Without the Web

For all the bashing directed at technology nowadays, it is noteworthy that so far the internet has p

The Internet and Mass Protests

The world increasingly finds itself under protest.

How a Labor Shortage Could Explain Negative Interest Rates

The amount of debt paying a negative yield now stands at a staggering $17 trillion worldwide.

Italy’s Economic Rot Is Europe’s Problem, Too

As I am spending the week in Italy, my thoughts have naturally turned to the topic of economic growt

What the US-China Trade War Is Really About

During my recent travels in Taiwan and China, I was asked repeatedly: What does America really want

America Isn’t as Divided as It Looks

If I had to describe 2019 so far, I would characterize it as The Year Political Polarization Started

Yes, the Internet Can Make Us Happier

Most critiques of online activity and social media are neither rigorous nor helpful — by which I mea

A Nuclear First Strike Should Still Be an Option for America

Democrats in the US House and Senate introduced legislation last week to prevent the US from using n

Fear Climate Change — and Our Response to It

The potential costs of climate change, already the subject of heated debate, may actually be underst

How Real News Is Worse Than Fake News

As problematic as “fake news” is, and as dangerous as the label can be, maybe “true news” is equally

When and Why the World Went Wrong

What exactly has gone wrong, and when and why?

Hardliners Learn That Democracy Can Pay Off

“What have been the really major advances of the past 20 years?” is one of the most common debated q

Forget New Robots. Keep Your Eye on the Old People

Bloomberg asked readers a year ago: “Are you about to be replaced by a robot?” Next the question bec


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