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A Thelma and Louise Brexit?

Committed Brexiters, including former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab, have arrived at the conclusion

The Political Split That Will Determine Brexit

Theresa May hasn’t just given her own party an ultimatum to back her Brexit deal with Brussels.

The Problem Isn’t Theresa May. It’s Brexit

If not Theresa May’s Brexit deal, then what? That’s the question British lawmakers face if they r

Brexit Enters Its Most Dangerous Phase

If the European Commission’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, utters the words “decisive progress”

Theresa May in the Brexit Foxhole

Last week's European Union summit on Brexit attracted a lot of attention for little real news.

Trump Offers Brexiters a Trade-Shaped Gift

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has sent a gift to Brexit supporters.

Theresa May Sends a Brexit Message to Two Sets of Skeptics

With the European Union summit in Salzburg this week viewed in the U.K.

Theresa May Could Try a Leisurely Brexit Stroll

The Brexit-battered pound jumped for joy yesterday when European Union trade negotiator Michel Barni

Erdogan Makes Some Worrying Friends

Relations between the US and Turkey have been deteriorating almost as fast as the Turkish lira.

US-Turkey Relations Will Never Be the Same

There are only two ways that the diplomatic rift between the US and Turkey can end: a compromise tha

Theresa May Can Live Without Boris Johnson

For the second time in her brief premiership, Theresa May faces a battle for survival.

What Does Brexit Mean? UK Still Can’t Decide

It's been nearly two years since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Brexit Redo Is an Idea Whose Time Hasn't Come

The idea of rerunning the UK's historic 52-to-48 percent 2016 vote to leave the European Union is un

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