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Stephen Mihm

Stephen Mihm

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The Ugly History of Blaming Ethnic Groups for Outbreaks

As the coronavirus outbreak grows in scale and scope, a nasty side effect spreads: discrimination.

Immigration Has Long-Term Benefits

When President Donald Trump said last week that the US was "full," he was reprising one of the domin

Harvard’s Other Controversial Admissions Policy

It’s no secret why conservatives are lending financial and political support to the Asian-Americans

Stop Obsessing About Countries’ Reliance on Foreign Financing

As a growing number of emerging markets teeter on the brink of crisis, we’re hearing more and more a

Does Corruption Matter to Voters?

The idea of making corruption an issue hasn’t always been a winning strategy.

US Immigration Debate’s Ugliness is Nothing New

The Census Bureau reported this month that the white population in much of the U.S.

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