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Don’t Look Now, But Microsoft Is Overtaking Apple

If you don’t follow the regular trials and tribulations of technology companies or have been living

Snapchat Should Emulate Facebook for Once

What if Snapchat were to copy Facebook for a change?

Facebook’s Nostalgic Mood Isn’t Helping

Technology companies don’t tend to look backward.

Facebook Security Flaw Exposes a Crisis of Faith

As in any relationship between people, once a company loses the trust of its customers, there is a l

Why Silicon Valley Pretends It Doesn’t Make Money

I am constantly amused that some of the world’s richest companies pretend they aren’t trying to make

How Facebook Went So Wrong So Fast

That’s what many of Facebook Inc.’s investors — and I — have spent the last 18 hours wondering.

Facebook and Twitter’s Valuations Are Baffling

Some smart analysts recently urged calm about the eye-popping stock market values of a handful of U.

Why Zuckerberg Won the Facebook Hearings

Mark Zuckerberg did just fine in his first turn in the Congressional hot seat. He was confident.

Giant Companies and Harming Democracy

All the main players face questions about whether they harm democracy, people's health, fair competi

I've Fallen Out of Love With Technology

I’ve been writing about the technology industry for much of this decade, and now I have an awkward a

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