Salman Al-dossary

Salman Al-dossary

Salman Aldosary is the former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper

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Washington’s Sanctions and Tehran’s Empty Threats

After much shouting and howling, many empty threats and 17 days since the first batch of re-imposed

Turkey: Economic Crisis or Conspiracy?

Six weeks after Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s re-election as president, the Turkish lira is witnessing an u

Hassan Nasrallah’s Drama

From his secret basement, and with the same loud tone, Hassan Nasrallah came out again.

The Washington Post's Take on Saudi Arabia!

At its core, the Saudi-Canadian recently erupted conflict is not as much about “human rights,” as it

August 6: The End of the War of Words

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, the war of words between Washington and Tehran will be repl

Qatar’s Poison Reaches Australia

The Sunday Times brought to light over the weekend a new Qatari scandal when it released secret docu

Suspension of Bab al-Mandeb Oil Shipments May Be a Good Thing

The development that no one wanted has finally transpired with Saudi Arabia suspending its oil shipm

Aramco Is Not Just Oil

Regardless of whether the oil giant Aramco will acquire a strategic stake in the world’s fourth-larg

The $1bn Lead Strangling Qatar

A recently published BBC report revealed earth-shattering details on an astronomical ransom of $1.15

Breaking Houthi Military Morale is Key to the Political Solution

News coming from areas under Houthi control in Yemen are not reassuring.

Iran’s Redundant Threats against Hormuz Strait

Countless are the times post-1979 when Iran threatened to close the globally vital Hormuz Strait.

The Saudi Oil Gateway to Global Stability 

Some two and a half years ago, oil prices dropped to around $28, a matter which raised panic worldwi

Women Can Drive … What Has Changed?

When the clock struck midnight on June 24, the Saudi woman put her hand on the car steering wheeling

World Cup, Qatari 'Ugly' Power

States are working on exploiting the concept of soft power as one of the diplomatic and political to

Hodeidah… Cutting the Head of the Snake

The suffering of 700,000 Yemenis living in Hodeidah will end as soon as their city is liberated by t

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