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Salman Al-dossary

Salman Al-dossary

Salman Aldosary is the former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper

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Redeployment and Iran’s Only Choice

While the world is waiting for the outbreak of war in the Gulf, especially after the attacks on four

Preventing Iran from War

The atmosphere is the same, so are the tensions.

Isolation Strangles Turkey

A quick review over Turkey's foreign relations throughout the past decade would clearly show how som

Snuffing out Iran’s Oil Will Bring Stability to the World

When the US administration - in its strategy to deal with Iran - relied on a strong whip of sanction

The 'Next Day' in Sudan

Political change is rarely successful if it is carried out quickly and dramatically.

Why Do Qatar, Turkey Defend the Revolutionary Guards?

Our region is going through a historic phase. Important decisions are made to reorganize chaos.

CNN, Qatar and the Targeting of Saudi Arabia

Since the start of the crisis over Khashoggi’s death, the media targeting of Saudi Arabia reached an

What If a Missile Targeted New York?

Just hours ahead of US President Donald Trump’s arrival in Saudi Arabia on May 19, 2017, Houthi mili

Refraining from Standing Againt Hezbollah is the Real Danger

For many years, Hezbollah thought it enjoyed a level of immunity and impunity and believed it had th

Yemen: Slogans that Offer No Hope

The most dangerous political slogans are the ones that claim to hold the absolute truth.

Saudi Arabia Does Not Need International Women’s Day

For long decades, discussions were incessant about empowering women in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Ambassador’s Greatest Challenge

Saudi Arabia’s development process does not stop.

Asia Witness to Saudi Arabia’s Role

With the inclusion of the Chinese language in Saudi education curricula, which further enriches the

The European List and the Injustice Towards Saudi Arabia

How regrettable was the European Union Commission’s move to include Saudi Arabia in the list of “hig

Can Iran’s Behavior Be Controlled?!

As revealed by Asharq Al-Awsat on Friday, the conference on peace and security in the Middle East -


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