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Why Economists Avoid Discussing Inequality

Why would economists rather talk about efficiency than inequality?

Economic Research and the Public

Representing economic research to the public is a difficult exercise; results can be subtle and come

Want a Recession Forecast? Ask a Machine

Academic macroeconomists almost never try to make forecasts about the macroeconomy.

Maybe this is as Good as Innovation Gets

One of the scariest ideas in the world is the possibility that technological progress is petering ou

Economics Advances One Iconoclast at a Time

In recent years, a number of economic ideas once considered unassailable have been called into quest

Social Media Looks Like the New Opiate of the Masses

With Facebook enduring a wave of public criticism for its cavalier approach to user privacy, it’s be

The Population Bomb Has Been Defused

Some of the most spectacularly wrong predictions in history have been made by those who claim that o

Big Companies Are Getting a Chokehold on the Economy

A recent report by Goldman Sachs’ global research team highlights a new study showing that large, do

Everything Is Booming Except for Wages

It’s now safe to say that the US economy is in a boom. Small business leaders are saying it.

10 Things to Read to Understand America

The US in the 21st century can be a bewildering place, even for its own residents.

The World Bank Is Searching for Meaning

Paul Romer’s departure last week as chief economist of the World Bank isn’t an event about just one

New Technology Should Be Neither Feared Nor Trusted

How should we think about new and future technologies?

A Nobel for Humility in Economics

As you are by now all probably aware, Richard Thaler won this year’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economi

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