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Noah Smith

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Poverty Is All About Personal Stress, Not Laziness

Economists are accumulating evidence that instead of being indolent layabouts, poor people are harri

Put a Stop to Economic Growth? Huge Mistake

One of the more pernicious ideas now coming into vogue is that societies should voluntarily halt the

What's Powering the US Economy?

The US economy’s steady growth — the longest stretch since World War II without a recession — is som

Why Hostility to Immigration Runs So Deep

Public opinion about immigration is hard to understand.

Seven Ways Economics Can Heal Itself

Economics changed a lot in the 2010s, mostly in good and healthy ways.

Stop Working and Go Home

In the sitcom “The Office,” a bumbling manager spends much of his time distracting the hapless emplo

The World Is Awash in Financial Capital

A huge shift has taken place in the global economy during the past few decades.

The 1950s Are Greatly Overrated

It’s possible to find people on both sides of the political aisle who wax nostalgic for the 1950s.

The Future of Oil

The oil industry faces an uncertain future.

An Economics Nobel for Three Pragmatic Poverty-Fighters

This year’s economics Nobel prize went to three worthy economists — Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duf

Three Countries That Prospered in the ’10s Are in Trouble

Most developed countries grow at about the same rate, thanks to the broad march of technological pro

Americans Fear Climate Change and the Cost of Fighting It

More people are coming around to the idea that climate change is really bad news.

China’s Economic Slowdown Won’t Restore US Manufacturing Jobs

In the early 2000s, American writer Gore Vidal visited China.

Africa’s Sahel Region Urgently Needs the World’s Help

Strong and sustained global growth has enabled living standards throughout most of the world to conv

Tourism Is Eating the World

In 1953, mountaineers Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary made the first confirmed summiting of Mount


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