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Trump and the European Allies

President Donald Trump has been determined to confront the US’s European allies on every issue of im

A Nobel Prize for Trump and Kim Is No Joke

Coral, one of the top British bookmakers, has Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un as favorites — at 2/1 odd

Why a Trump-Kim Deal Has a Good Shot

An announcement by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that his country will stop testing nuclear weapon

Don't Rush Fragile States Toward Democracy

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron now heads a commission on "state fragility, growth and develo

Why Germany Didn't Join the Syria Strikes

Former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has mockingly remarked that the German gov

Hungary and the War on Immigrants

To win parliamentary elections last weekend, Hungary's ruling party, Fidesz, ran a single-issue camp

The UK's New Warfare Doctrine Looks Familiar

Modern warfare is, in part, about marketing.

Why Apple and Microsoft Are Healthier Than Facebook

It's easy to understand Apple CEO Tim Cook's somewhat self-righteous comments on the Facebook-Cambri

Use Your Brain: Artificial Intelligence Isn't Close to Replacing It

Nectome promises to preserve the brains of terminally ill people in order to turn them into computer

Brexit Hurts Europe, But Hurts the UK More

There have been numerous estimates of Brexit's cost to the UK but fewer similar ones for the Europea

The Rules of the Spy Game Are No Longer Clear

The theory most popular in the UK media at the moment is that it was Russian spies who poisoned the

No, Twitter, Healthy Conversation Can't Be Engineered

Facebook's self-regulatory contortions in the wake of fake news and trolling scandals have gone on,

Italy's Election Was Quite Traditional, Actually

The Italian election was heartening for populist forces.

Putin Wants Modern Weapons, Not a Modern Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday made clear his priorities for his next six-year preside

Why Europe's Google Rulings Don't Benefit Consumers

Perhaps the most baffling aspect of the European Commission's ruling against Google last year, which

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