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Leonid Bershidsky

Leonid Bershidsky

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Dumping Diesel Is Bad for the Planet

File this under “unintended consequences.” The anti-diesel campaign that followed the 2016 discovery

Europe’s Right Is Making a Noise. But Can It Win an Election?

Next month’s election to the European Parliament will be a test of a phenomenon that has roiled US a

Breaking Up Big Tech Is Too Scary for Europe

US politicians, who, like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, want to break up the big technolog

Putin Is Finally Ready to Look Homeward

Russian President Vladimir Putin knew that, in his state of the nation address, he would have to res

The European Election Won’t Break the EU

Just how anti-European Union will the next European parliament be?

In Germany, the Green New Deal Actually Works

Despite a sustained effort to boost sustainable sources of energy, carbon emissions haven’t fallen i

In Finland, Money Can Buy You Happiness

The first results of Finland’s two-year experiment with a universal basic income are in, and if they

Russia’s Economic Growth Looks Too Good to Be True

Russia’s official statistics agency is displaying a feverish optimism under its new boss, Pavel Malk

The Danger of Calling Out Cyberattackers

The $100 million lawsuit that Mondelez, the maker of Oreos and Cadbury chocolate, has brought agains

Germany Isn’t Floundering, Despite the Data

After Tuesday’s disappointing industrial output data, the German economy could be headed for a techn

2018: The Year of Misgovernment

The dictionaries have decided on their 2018 words of the year.

Belgium Shows How Post-Truth Politics Works

To see how post-truth politics work, look to Belgium, a country that once went almost two years with

Piketty Should Take Off That Yellow Vest

Thomas Piketty, the rock-star economist, doesn’t burn cars or deface the Arc de Triomphe, yet his “M

Exit Merkel. Enter Hope for Centrism in Europe.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has been accused of killing German politics with her boa constrictor-like d

France Faces a Typical Facebook Revolution

The liberating role social networks played during the Arab Spring and the Russian protests of 2011 a

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