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German Conservatives Face Off Over Their Party’s Soul

The contest to replace Chancellor Angela Merkel as leader of the Christian Democratic Union when she

Russia's Bungled Spying

The latest failures of Russia’s military intelligence service, commonly known as the GRU, expose a m

On Unity Day, Germany’s Feeling Divided Again

Germany is celebrating its national holiday on Wednesday.

Imagine the Balkans Without Balkanization

Almost two decades after the last war ended in the western Balkans, there’s a chance that the word “

Skripal Case Shows the Limits of Surveillance

The UK’s ubiquitous surveillance cameras have clearly played an important role in the attribution of

Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin Missed Historic Opportunity

The transcripts of calls and personal conversations between Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, publishe

Russia Needed an Opponent Like John McCain

Senator John McCain, who died on Saturday, is being eulogized not just in the US but also throughout

Facebook Is Making the US a Political Dystopia

US elections are threatening to become the “World Cup of information warfare, in which US adversarie

The US Can’t Bring Russia ‘to its Knees’

The US’s sanctions policy against Russia is evolving from trying to nudge the Kremlin in a desired d

Anti-Dollar Mavericks Can’t Win Just Yet

The dismal performance of the Turkish lira (down 38 percent to the US dollar so far this year) and t

Death, Diamonds and Russia’s Africa Project

The murder of three Russian journalists last week in a remote area of the Central African Republic,

On Brexit, What the EU Tells You 10 Times Is True

When she started learning to play chess, my younger daughter was aghast that the pieces couldn't alw

Iran Faces the Consequences of Snubbing Trump

Trump’s latest tweet telling Iran it would suffer “consequences the likes of which few throughout hi

Merkel’s Bavarian Frenemy Is Losing Face and Votes

It was just weeks ago that German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who is also leader of Bavaria’s

Putin Gets a Reminder to Turn His Attention Back Home

Something strange is going on in Russia: The usually government-friendly polls are registering a sig


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