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Brexit Hurts Europe, But Hurts the UK More

There have been numerous estimates of Brexit's cost to the UK but fewer similar ones for the Europea

The Rules of the Spy Game Are No Longer Clear

The theory most popular in the UK media at the moment is that it was Russian spies who poisoned the

No, Twitter, Healthy Conversation Can't Be Engineered

Facebook's self-regulatory contortions in the wake of fake news and trolling scandals have gone on,

Italy's Election Was Quite Traditional, Actually

The Italian election was heartening for populist forces.

Putin Wants Modern Weapons, Not a Modern Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday made clear his priorities for his next six-year preside

Why Europe's Google Rulings Don't Benefit Consumers

Perhaps the most baffling aspect of the European Commission's ruling against Google last year, which

Putin Has to Find a Way to Raise Incomes

One thing Putin is keen to ensure before the election: that Russians' real disposable incomes as mea

The Spy Masters' Case Against Huawei Is Flimsy

The US government's persistent dislike of Chinese smartphone makers Huawei and ZTE surfaced again t

Piketty Thinks the EU Is Bad for Eastern Europe. He's Half Right.

Rockstar economist Thomas Piketty's view of eastern European countries as "owned" by their wealthier

How Elon Musk Beat Russia's Space Program

Nowhere did Tuesday's launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket echo as powerfully as in Russia.

Putin Wants Syria Talks to Last Forever

A Syrian opposition group that flew to the Russian resort of Sochi for a peace conference last week

Technology is Starting to Lose its War on Journalism

It seems like only yesterday that journalism faced existential challenges from technology platforms

Russia and Italy: Interests and Dilemma of Sanctions

After the French presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to get closer to wh

Europe Has Completely Turned the Tables on Brexit

The UK's obvious turnabout on the desirability of a no-deal exit from the European Union shows how c

Putin's Goals Went Beyond Saving Assad

The Russian Defense Ministry is denying a report by a leading Moscow newspaper that seven Russian wa


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