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Zimbabwe's Coup Is Nothing to Celebrate

As leader of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has survived longer than Stalin in the Soviet Union and Mao in

Only the UN Can Hold a Real Syrian Election

The US-Russian joint statement on Syria, released last Saturday, contains an intriguing tidbit: The

Putin's Trolling of the West Is Not Just a Tactic

The White House snubbed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday by announcing that President Dona

Social Media Has Failed Its Self-Driving Test

The big problem with artificial intelligence right now isn't that it's taking over; it's that it's b

No, Europe Isn't About to Break Up

Those who are always on the lookout for the next European crisis -- Brexiters not least among them -

Why Germany Is Better at Resisting Fake News

Modern-day elections are increasingly defined by two sides: those who trust traditional media and th

A Russian Take on 'The Americans' Scares Moscow Liberals

While the US gets accustomed to Russia's potential to make or break its presidential candidates, Rus

Why Did the US Even Get Involved in Syria?

A candid memoir by former US Defense Secretary Ash Carter provides a rare opportunity to better unde

Germany's Nationalists Join the 13-Percent Club

The Alternative for Germany's 12.6 percent result in Sunday's election wraps up an important politic

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