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Putin's Goals Went Beyond Saving Assad

The Russian Defense Ministry is denying a report by a leading Moscow newspaper that seven Russian wa

Iran and the Need for Change

In a country as repressive as Iran, it's difficult to gauge where the current countrywide protests a

Social Media, Not Phones, Get Kids Addicted

I'm a recovering smartphone addict, so you might expect me to welcome the French government's decisi

Two Russian Power Brokers Dueled. Putin Stayed Out.

A trial that set the tone for Russian President Vladimir Putin's next term in power ended in Moscow

Russia's Military is Leaner, but Meaner

During Russian President Vladimir Putin's annual press conference on Thursday, a friendly journalist

Is Facebook Ripping Apart the Social Fabric?

Facebook is projected to boost sales by 46 percent and double net income, but make no mistake: It ha

Russia Takes a Step Toward the Post-Putin Era

Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement that he would run for a fourth term as president was

Government-Run Digital Currencies Could Disrupt US Dominance

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's announcement that the Latin American country will issue a cryp

US Outrage Campaigns Don't Create Change

Tony Hovater, the Ohio man whose profile in The New York Times caused much indignation last weekend,

E-Government Sounds Great Until the First Hack

A group of Czech security researchers earlier this year discovered a way to steal identities from el

Google and News Filtering

We've known for a long time that Google makes content decisions, but recent moves in the direction o

Zimbabwe's Coup Is Nothing to Celebrate

As leader of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has survived longer than Stalin in the Soviet Union and Mao in

Only the UN Can Hold a Real Syrian Election

The US-Russian joint statement on Syria, released last Saturday, contains an intriguing tidbit: The

Putin's Trolling of the West Is Not Just a Tactic

The White House snubbed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday by announcing that President Dona

Social Media Has Failed Its Self-Driving Test

The big problem with artificial intelligence right now isn't that it's taking over; it's that it's b


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