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James Stavridis

James Stavridis

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Africa's Security and the Power Struggle

Karen Blixen’s evocative 1937 memoir “Out of Africa” was about the British Empire’s experience in Ke

Battling a Pandemic Is a Job for the Military

Even with China taking extreme measures to contain the spread of coronavirus — effectively quarantin

Putin the Czar Tightens his Grip on Power

With a surprise announcement in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin this week laid down the pat

Trump’s Right About NATO and Iran

Having spent four years as supreme allied commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, I hav

May the 'Space' Force Be With You

With the recent passage of this year’s big defense bill, Congress authorized the creation of a sixth

NATO Can Save the Kurds and Make the Turks Happy

Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does geopolitics.

Pentagon’s $10 Billion Brain Is Frozen by a Contracting Scandal

In the latest twist in the fraught competition for the Department of Defense’s $10 billion cloud-com

The Path Forward With North Korea: ‘Denuclearization Lite’

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been increasing signs that the Trump administration – and

Trump and US Allies Can Still Make Iran Blink

The Trump administration’s initial decision to strike Iran in retaliation for the destruction of a $

How the US Can Keep the Strait of Hormuz Open

The summers are long and hot in the Arabian Gulf.

The Western Allies Need More Eyes on the World

Every challenge the US faces today — the rise of China, a resurgent Russia, the North Korean nuclear

The Libyan Army and the Drive on Tripoli

In so many ways, Libya should be a successful and prosperous nation.

How the US Can Escape the Graveyard of Empires

The problems in Afghanistan often feel intractable, like a knot of countless ropes bound together.

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