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James Stavridis

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NATO and the Putin-Trump Summit

In some ways, of course, we have been here before. When I served as NATO’s supreme allied commander

Secret Weapon in the Afghanistan War

After a few days of hopeful cease-fire for the Eid holiday -- and remarkable images of Taliban and g

How Trump Can Actually Reach 'Mission Accomplished' in Syria

I understand what President Donald Trump was trying to express in his now-famous “Mission Accomplish

A New Cold War Is Not Inevitable

When I served as Supreme Allied Commander at NATO from 2009 to 2013, I developed a friendly relation

Putin's Video Superweapons and Virtual Reality

I always admired the way Steve Jobs could enrapture the world about a new product.

Six Steps on the Path to a Latin America Strategy

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a pragmatic Texan with plenty of experience in Latin America,

America's Most Pressing Threat

When the newest US National Security Strategy was released last month, many intelligence, military a

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