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Hazem Saghieh

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It’s Season Defamation in Lebanon!

Jurist and former ambassador Nawaf Salam. Academic and writer Gilbert Achkar.

New Year’s in Idlib!

For four years, Syria’s Idlib has not celebrated a new year. Years there don’t change.

On Joseph Abou Khalil After His Passing

The debt we owe Joseph Abou Khalil, who left us two and a half weeks ago, after exceeding ninety yea

The Path of 'Political-Shiism' in Lebanon: From Integration to Secession

Every Lebanese sect has its own story with Lebanon, with all of them swaying between a desire to int

The Lebanese Revolution and the Four Dragons

Lebanon’s streets have witnessed unprecedented violence over the past few nights.

Abdul Karim Qasim and the Difficult Path of Patriotism in Iraq

When Saddam Hussein’s regime fell in 2003, photos of leaders and clerics killed by Saddam rose in Ba

5 Quick Takeaways from the Lebanese Revolt, Others

1- In 1989, central and eastern Europe witnessed several uprisings that spelled the end of the Sovie

And They Tell You: Why Gebran Bassil and the Aounists?

It is difficult to separate the parts that integrate to eventually perform one action.

Sources of Contradiction Between Hezbollah, Lebanese Nationalism!

In Lebanon and elsewhere, when a sect, any sect, at the peak of its power and aggression, is confide

How Bashar Assad Becomes a Symbol and Inspirer

Syrian president Bashar Assad is today both victorious and defeated.

On Development of Iranian Influence In The Arab Mashreq

Forty years ago, in 1979, the story that deserves to be recounted over and over again, began with th

On Road to The Lebanese Downfall

Indeed, No One Writes to The Colonel. The Colonel, which appeared in the famous novel by Gabriel

A Mine in the Lebanese National Project

For three weeks and counting, Lebanon has been rocked with a historic event: Vast segments of the po

Khamenei’s Principle for Iraq, Lebanon: Change is Forbidden

Linking the revolutions in Iraq and Lebanon with regional plots and developments is a corrupt thinki

Protests Break Stereotypical Images of Lebanese

Since 1975, several stereotypes have emerged of the Lebanese people. The Lebanese trader: Given t

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