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Ottomans and Phoenicians: The Construction and Break up of Nations

In recent days, Lebanese President Michel Aoun garbled on about “Ottoman terrorism”.

Beyond Mugabe: Liberation, Violence and the Belittling of Humans

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s former president, has succumbed to several deaths: He died biologically da

About Talks on War and Peace in the Arab Mashreq

When the components of a country are unable to build peace among them, they are unable to fight a wa

Lebanon: Several ‘Nationalisms’ under a Single National Anthem

The peoples of many countries, such as Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, struggle to define their iden

Churches and Mosques are Dragged into Racism

Many mosques were constructed in Spain during the Muslim rule of al-Adalus.

What Can Adel Abdul Mahdi Do?

Adel Abdul Mahdi is a politician for stable countries: He is calm, open and pragmatic.

Thwarting a Coup In Lebanon!

Defending a Lebanese politician is a difficult task.

The Separatist Era Not Mentioned in the Syrian Revolt

The Syrian uprising was usurped by a civil war between the Bashar Assad regime and armed Islamist gr

Palestinians of Lebanon and the Lebanese Palestinians

Even before the new Labor Ministry regulations, Palestinians in Lebanon posed a problem to the count

Roots of the Jebran Bassil ‘Phenomenon’

Mockery follows Jebran Bassil wherever he goes and that’s fine.

Our World Torn Between The 'Social,' The 'Societal'…

With the fall of the Soviet Union and its camp, freedom achieved a great victory.

FPM-Hezbollah Understanding: The Origin of the Current Crisis

It is difficult to blame the tension that has recently hit Lebanon on one factor or one party.

An Arab Relevance In The Hong Kong Events?!

An island that is around ten times the size of Lebanon, with seven million people, has dominated the

Lebanon: Christians, Syrians and 2 Concepts of the Minority

Fifty years ago, Palestinian youths took up arms in Lebanon.

The War for History in Syria

When did the revolt in Syria cease to be so and transform into a civil war?


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