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Hazem Saghieh

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On Road to The Lebanese Downfall

Indeed, No One Writes to The Colonel. The Colonel, which appeared in the famous novel by Gabriel

A Mine in the Lebanese National Project

For three weeks and counting, Lebanon has been rocked with a historic event: Vast segments of the po

Khamenei’s Principle for Iraq, Lebanon: Change is Forbidden

Linking the revolutions in Iraq and Lebanon with regional plots and developments is a corrupt thinki

Protests Break Stereotypical Images of Lebanese

Since 1975, several stereotypes have emerged of the Lebanese people. The Lebanese trader: Given t

Lebanon: An Attempt to Rebuild the Nation

It is exceptional to see, in modern Lebanese history, the streets filled with half the population of

Syrian Arabs and Kurds: Blaming the Victim

Blaming the victim is morally and politically condemned three times: when it comes with an abstentio

Revolutionaries who Hate Revolutions

With the emergence of demonstrations in Iraq, opposing voices started to warn and sound the alarm… S

Why Did Hafez al-Assad Become the 'Man Who Didn’t Sign'?

One of the characteristics of regimes that impose violence, and which remain under emergency and exc

Let’s Welcome Aleksandr Dugin to the Region

A century and a half ago, rulers of the region used to wonder, “How do we become like the democratic

The Parody of Transforming Lebanon Into Nationalist State

Christian advocates of Lebanese nationalism were not known to be nationalists.

Ottomans and Phoenicians: The Construction and Break up of Nations

In recent days, Lebanese President Michel Aoun garbled on about “Ottoman terrorism”.

Beyond Mugabe: Liberation, Violence and the Belittling of Humans

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s former president, has succumbed to several deaths: He died biologically da

About Talks on War and Peace in the Arab Mashreq

When the components of a country are unable to build peace among them, they are unable to fight a wa

Lebanon: Several ‘Nationalisms’ under a Single National Anthem

The peoples of many countries, such as Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, struggle to define their iden

Churches and Mosques are Dragged into Racism

Many mosques were constructed in Spain during the Muslim rule of al-Adalus.


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