Ghassan Charbel

Ghassan Charbel

Ghassan Charbel is the editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper

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The Missile and Thwarting the ‘Major Coup’

There is no mystery surrounding the identity of the missile that targeted Riyadh.

Hariri and the Doses of Poison

The Lebanese equation is very complicated. A thorny marriage and a forbidden divorce.

The Decision to Belong to the Age

In the past, we used to view China as being very far away from us geographically, but this has chang

Saudi Arabia’s Fresh Rhetoric

In a horribly fragmented Middle East, no two persons can meet without despair being the third in com

Jumping Off Maps is Forbidden

A stable Iraq, which comprises all the nation’s components, is needed at the Arab, regional and inte

Trump and The Coup Against The Coup

Donald Trump did not shred the “very bad” nuclear deal with Iran.

A Must-Have Man

In Moscow, you cannot miss visiting the Red Square.

After the Saudi-Russian Summit

Several factors push the journalist who headed to Moscow to cover the Saudi-Russian Summit to descri

From Barcelona to Irbil

My British neighbor has been anxious for days.

Barzani, the Independence and the Earthquake

Today, he will be the center of attention. He will be the star of discussions and media screens.

Terrorism and Nuclear Dreams

“I participated in battles and some shrapnel are still inside my body.

Autumn of the Iraqi Map

On the way from Erbil to Kirkuk, strange feelings haunted me.

Why do We Attack the World?

Whenever an explosion shakes a city, the same scene is repeated.

Swimming in the Big Chaos

When Kim Jong-Un makes an appearance surrounded by his generals, the world should expect an interest

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