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Faye Flam

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The Ethical Way to Ration Coronavirus Hospital Care

If Covid-19 spreads as fast as experts predict, the memories that will stick with Americans years do

Planting Trees Is Good, But Cutting Emissions Is Better

Overall, it’s good news that President Donald Trump has declared he’s in favor of planting trees — i

Scientists Are Already Working on Cures for Coronavirus

We aren’t completely unprepared for the Wuhan coronavirus now spreading around the world.

Earth in Human Hands

Some scientists are trying to name our current geologic epoch after us – calling it the Anthropocene

The Best Diet for the Planet Isn’t the Best for Humans

A team of 37 scientists has designed a diet for the long-term future, and the good news is that it d

US Should Go Back to the Moon

To claim we’ve already been to the moon is like spending a day each in Iowa, Arizona, Rhode Island a

Smart People May Be More Likely to Fall for Fake News (or Not)

One might suspect scientists of belaboring the obvious with the recent study called “Belief in Fake

There’s a Reason Scientists Keep Talking About Race, Gender

The scientific understanding of race and sex hasn’t changed much in recent years, and yet people are

Scary Effects of Climate Change

What’s so scary about climate change? The term is not scary — at last not in a visceral, skin-cra

You Are Not Your DNA

People are reading too much meaning into DNA – Elizabeth Warren’s and their own.

Algorithms to Boldly Go Where No Scientist Has Gone Before

As algorithms and artificial intelligence infiltrate science, don’t expect bots to replace researche

New Weapons Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

It’s frustrating enough when progress in medicine plods along slowly, but downright alarming when it

Polar Ice Is Live-Blogging Human History

By the dawn of the 20th century, when the first humans set foot on Antarctica’s seemingly pristine i

How Scientists Succumb to Corruption and Cook Results

Horrible bosses can cause misery in any kind of business, but in science, they wield uniquely destru

Ambiguity of 'Climate Change'

As scientific terms go, “climate change” is failing.


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