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New Weapons Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

It’s frustrating enough when progress in medicine plods along slowly, but downright alarming when it

Polar Ice Is Live-Blogging Human History

By the dawn of the 20th century, when the first humans set foot on Antarctica’s seemingly pristine i

How Scientists Succumb to Corruption and Cook Results

Horrible bosses can cause misery in any kind of business, but in science, they wield uniquely destru

Ambiguity of 'Climate Change'

As scientific terms go, “climate change” is failing.

When Science Gets Demoted: The Case of Vitamins

Proponents of science-based medicine are fond of saying that there’s a name for alternative treatmen

Protein Engineering May Be the Future of Science

Scientists are increasingly betting their time and effort that the way to control the world is throu

The Machines Are Taking Over Space

People concerned about robots taking away jobs might want to consider where it’s already happened.

Scientists Don't Fear a New Crispr Snag

It can feel shocking when someone disparages a golden person, thing or technology -- and in recent

Why Scientists Solve the Hard Problems First

It’s a paradox of science: How is it that researchers keep achieving the impossible while leaving se

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