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What the Suweida Druze Mean to ISIS Employers

The Druze (officially, “The Muwahhidoun”) may be unlucky for being the most loyal minority to an ide

A Natural End to the ‘Two-States’ Illusion

One has to say that the Israeli knesset’s passing of the new ‘Nationality Law’ defining Israel as a

Lebanon’s Sectarian Statelets

Let’s forget, for a while, about the weird boasts of “strength”, and excessive claims of “patriotism

Those Who Have Emerged Victorious against the People of Syria

Arabic is one of the world’s most beautiful languages; it is exceptionally rich in meanings, eloquen

Trying to Read Into the Crises of Refugees and Immigration

Gradually, taboos have disappeared. For the first time since the defeat of Hitler’s Nazis and Mus

What Power Is Left for Lebanon’s Prime Minister?

It is quite normal for an ambitious politician to exploit internal political imbalance to his/her ad

We and our Friends in Italy and Spain

It would be absurd to compare the Scandinavian states, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, well-esta

After Elections, What Kind of Government for Lebanon

My advice to anyone attempting to analyze Lebanon’s latest Parliamentary elections, without taking i

Our Region, our Collective Memory, and Ghassan Al-Imam

A few days ago, Asharq Al-Awsat lost Ghassan Al-Imam, one of its most brilliant opinion writers.

An American Message before the Dhahran Arab Summit

Questions about the strikes, led by the US with British and French support, on Syria were raised as

Despite the Promises, the Devil is in the Detail

In the ‘CEDRE’ Conference in Paris aimed at rallying international support for an investment program

Middle East’s Problems More Complex Than Ever

The blood that was shed in the occupied Palestinian territories on the anniversary of ‘Land Day’ wil

Non Elections … Lebanese-Style

In one of Lebanon’s ex-Prime Minister Dr.

A New Term for a New ‘Tsar’

Vladimir Putin won Russia’s presidential elections… again! An ‘electoral’ victory for the ‘Kremli

A Second Look at the Saudi Crown Prince’s Visit to the UK

A lot has been written, and more will be written about the visit of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Moha

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