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Impact of Tillerson's Exit on Iran Deal, Korea Talks

As far as firings under President Donald Trump go, Rex Tillerson's is not the most humiliating.

What Trump Can Learn from Madeleine Albright About North Korea Talks

The next few episodes of the Donald Trump show should be riveting.

Iran Wants to Join the World Order It Undermines

If you are a fan of unintentional comedy, I recommend checking out the Financial Action Task Force.

Trump’s ‘Hard Line’ on North Korea Is Soft Symbolism

One could be forgiven for thinking the symbolism at the Olympics signaled a hard line from the Donal

US-Russian Proxy War in Syria

If you've been listening just to the Kremlin and the Pentagon, you probably didn't know that Russia

US Shows Beginning of a Response to Muslim Brotherhood

A year ago it looked like Donald Trump was going to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist

Russian Bots Are Right: Releasethememo

I agree with the Kremlin. Congress should #releasethememo, as they say on Russian Twitter.

Trump's Policy Should Focus on Iran's People

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, like others in Western Europe, is worried once again that Pr

The Iranian Game-Show Host Challenging Iran's Rulers

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini makes for an unlikely revolutionary.

Obama's Alternative Facts on the Iran Nuclear Deal

When the Obama administration sold its Iran nuclear deal to Congress in 2015, one of its primary arg

Trump's Move Frees Palestinians to Focus on Peace?

A year ago, when Donald Trump's transition team first said they intended to move the US Embassy to J

Kushner Is Said to Have Ordered Flynn to Contact Russia

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn's guilty plea Friday for lying to the FBI is alarming

Missile Launch Is Just North Korea's Latest Bait and Switch

There are two ways to understand North Korea's missile test Tuesday after two months without such pr

Muslims Are Often the First Victims of Terrorists

The terror in Egypt on Friday is only the latest grim reminder that Muslims are often the first vict


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