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NSA and the War on Our Privacy

Since the former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden's disclosures began showing up in the Washin

As Iran Holds a Hostage, Britain Forgets Who It’s Dealing With

A good rule of thumb for dealing with Iran is to always remember that the Islamic Republic is not a

Iran and Qaeda: Best of Frenemies

Last month President Donald Trump caused a minor stir in his speech on Iran policy by discussing tha

America's Catastrophic Success Against ISIS

One might expect President Donald Trump to take a victory lap after last week's liberation of Raqqa

Trump's New Policy Will Focus on Iran’s Meddlers

After more than nine months in office, President Donald Trump finally has an Iran policy. Last mo

Trump Evangelizes for American Exceptionalism

If you want to get a sense of the enduring power of American exceptionalism, watch President Donald

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