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Mattis Resignation Not about policy, It’s About Values

US President Donald Trump's tweets Thursday announcing the resignation of Defense Secretary James Ma

Trump Bank Sanctions Will Hit Iran Where it Hurts

For the last month, it looked as though President Donald Trump’s campaign of maximum pressure agains

Trump’s UN Speech Almost Adds Up to a Doctrine

President Donald Trump’s foreign policy is often caricatured as a mass of contradictions.

Iran’s Callous, Deadly Message

When a regional power wants to assert itself and intimidate its rivals, it has several options: Stag

Iran’s Fake News Is a Fake Threat

As if the free world didn’t have enough to worry about with Russian fake news, now the world leader

A New Democratic Revolution in Iran

In another era, Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last shah of Iran, would be an ideal candidate to lead

Pompeo Raises the Price for Iran to Rejoin International Community

If you ever wanted to know what the opposite of Barack Obama's Iran strategy would look like, I reco

Beware the Korean Peace Trap

On the surface it looks like the doubters were wrong. North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, traveled

Trump, Macron and Merkel Have an Opportunity in Iran's Crisis

Those who want to kill the Iran nuclear deal, and those who want to fix it, may both overlook that t

Syria War's Game Theory Is Too Complex to Predict

Some strategic games are too complex to be readily modeled, and when we see such games in the real w

A US Policy Change in Syria

If the past is prelude, we should expect a US strike sometime soon against Syrian airfields. A li

Iran's Nobel Laureate is Done with Reform. She Wants Regime Change.

Shirin Ebadi, Iran's Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights lawyer, has had enough.

Bolton’s Plan to Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal

If you want to get a sense of just how the next national security adviser, John Bolton, fits into Wa

Impact of Tillerson's Exit on Iran Deal, Korea Talks

As far as firings under President Donald Trump go, Rex Tillerson's is not the most humiliating.


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