David Ignatius

David Ignatius

David R. Ignatius, is an American journalist and novelist. He is an associate editor and columnist for The Washington Post. He also co-hosts PostGlobal, an online discussion of international issues at Washingtonpost.com

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Kim Jong Un Pulls Off a Magic Trick

Credit President Trump for seizing the diplomatic moment at the Singapore summit.

Protectionism is Probably Self-Defeating

President Donald Trump’s decision last week to levy duties on steel and aluminum imports from Europe

Could Trump’s Zig-Zag Course to a North Korea Summit Actually Work?

Are you on the road or in the ditch?” That’s the question labor reporters used to ask about big cont

What’s Next with Iran?

So what’s next with Iran?

Armenia Escapes its Post-Soviet Malaise

Armenia appears at last to be breaking with its post-Soviet malaise and embracing democratic change,

Have Trump and Macron Learned to Use Each Other?

At times during President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the United States last week, he may have seemed

US Mission in Syria: Low Cost and High Success

One face of the war in Syria that Americans don’t often see is the US Army trauma surgeon, standing

US Should Open Channel of Communication With Russia

In his chilling account of the Romanov dynasty, the British histor­ian Simon Sebag Montefiore quoted

Let’s Leave it to the Lawyers

Has there ever been a covert action that backfired as disastrously as Russia’s attempt to meddle in

Might Xi Jinping's Star Be Burning Too Bright?

WASHINGTON -- President Xi Jinping's command at this month's Communist Party gathering was so comple

Russia is Pushing to Control Cyberspace

Russia’s cyber-meddling in the 2016 US presidential election has been accompanied by what US and Eur

The Rubble in Raqqa Reminds us of the US Military Might.

Looking at photographs of the ruined, desolate streets of what was once ISIS’s capital of Raqqa is a

The Kurdistan Quagmire Proves Newton’s Third Law

In this week’s crisis over Kirkuk, Iraqi Kurds are experiencing a painful version of Newton’s Third

The New Strategy and Attempts to Contain Iran

Donald Trump is notorious in the business world for stiffing other companies when it’s time to pay t

The Nuclear Issue Isn’t the Real Iranian Challenge

Various cultures have different phrases for expressing the idea of having it both ways at once.


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