Four Ways to Counter Russia’s Social-Media Warfare

In the fall of 2011, when I was NATO'S top military commander, we were prosecuting a vigorous air campaign against the forces of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, called Operation Unified Protector. Earlier that year Qaddafi had threatened to attack noncombatant civilians in Libya, so the U.N.

The Washington Post's Take on Saudi Arabia!

At its core, the Saudi-Canadian recently erupted conflict is not as much about “human rights,” as it is spun around Canadian encroachment on and intervention in Saudi internal affairs. In a nutshell, Canada not only blatantly intruded on the affairs of another country, but also provocatively allo

Death, Diamonds and Russia’s Africa Project

The murder of three Russian journalists last week in a remote area of the Central African Republic, the world’s poorest country according to the World Bank, has turned a spotlight on what looks like a big Kremlin play for influence and resources in Africa.

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