For The Sake of The Stockholm Agreement

A few days ago, the Houthis targeted a celebration of the Yemeni army with an Iranian-made drone carrying 30 kilograms of explosives that detonated in the air above the main podium of senior guests, killing six people and wounding 18 Yemeni soldiers, who were parading in front of a number of high-ra

Pompeo Takes US Anti-Iran Message to Gulf Arab States

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Middle East tour brings to mind the sport of hurdling, as he tries to overcome obstacles while eyeing the last objective: Confronting Iran.

Brexit-era Britain’s ‘Last Hope’ Bows to Reality

Every once in a while the world of sport seems to provide the perfect metaphor for a national moment. It’s no more than a sad coincidence, but when the U.K.


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