When the Writer Apologizes

The story began in September 2015, when waves of Syrian refugees poured into Germany and I went to collect some of the accounts of newcomers, especially those who risked their lives using the “death boats” to reach Europe.   The scenes were painful and the stories agonizing.   I did not find a b

The Energy Revolution has Already Begun

Between the science-denying trolls who say climate change is a hoax and the we’re-all-doomed Cassandras who picture the last human remnant escaping to Mars, there is an exciting frontier.

How Trump Can Actually Reach 'Mission Accomplished' in Syria

I understand what President Donald Trump was trying to express in his now-famous “Mission Accomplished” tweet. And in fairness, in the military we often do use that expression to convey the successful completion of a discrete tactical task. But he should have understood the echoes of President