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Lebanese Have Mixed Reactions to New Government

Lebanese Have Mixed Reactions to New Government

Thursday, 23 January, 2020 - 12:15
Smoke rises as demonstrators gather during a protest against the newly formed government in Beirut, Lebanon. Reuters / Aziz Taher
Beirut - Sanaa el-Jack

The Lebanese people have responded differently to the new government lineup.

While some said the new ministers should be given the chance to prove their abilities, others argued that the government could not be trusted since its members were appointed by the same political blocs which the protesters accused of leading the country into the current crisis.


“What can we expect from ministers, who thank their leaders on the air as soon as they are nominated, and others who publicly visit their political authority even before receiving their portfolios?!” one protester asked.


Dr. Elie Chaaya, a dentist, said he believed the new government would neither be productive nor would it last long.

“Had [Hezbollah] been able to rule the country in the shadow of Saad Hariri, it would have achieved its highest goals. But, for many reasons, it was left alone in the face of Western pressures amid the growing US-Iranian tension.”

“So it had no other choice but this government that includes some distinctive figures, but which will not be able to secure sufficient support in the coming stage,” Chaaya told Asharq Al-Awsat.


Others, however, are more optimistic.

Nada Rizk, an employee at a food company, said: “The attack on the government in this violent manner ahead of its formation through road closures and stone throwing, confirms that some parties want to harm Lebanon.”


“Didn’t the protesters call for a government of specialists? This government has been formed. How do you condemn it to failure even before it starts working? We have to give it a chance and see if it is able to ... stop the economic and financial collapse,” she remarked.


“We must not expect miracles; but some wise policies may open the way for effective rescue plans,” she added.

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