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Saudi Arabia and Iran: The Huge Discrepancy

Saudi Arabia and Iran: The Huge Discrepancy

Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 - 13:15
Moammar Al-Eryani
Yemen's Information Minister.

Every once in a while, we find people comparing the Saudi Arabian model with the Iranian model in the media.

In truth, it is an unfair comparison between a sibling and an enemy between a future and a past, between peace and war, and between construction and destruction.

Supporters of the Iranian regime insist on describing Iran as the “axis of resistance” against the “axis of moderation” represented by Saudi Arabia. They mean that Iran and its proxies in the region represent a barrier against the Israeli project. However, a more accurate comparison would portray the Iranian project and its proxies in the area as a facilitator for Israel. By creating crises, Iran allows Israel to take advantage of the actions of Iran and its proxies to divert Arab attention away from the Palestinian cause to other issues after Iranian infiltration has become an existential threat to Arabs that is no less violent than the Israeli model.

The wars, sectarian liquidations and ethnic conflicts that the Mullah regime has instigated in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Bahrain, is a shame for the regime that took it upon itself to rig the region, expropriate its resources and preoccupy it with one crisis after another. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, dedicates its capacities to deter this danger, plant the seeds of peace, diffuse tension and prevent escalation.

Saudi Arabia today, alongside all the good regimes, represents an orientation towards the future, construction, human wellbeing, integration and tolerance, while the theocratic regime in Iran entrenches itself in the graves of history and ditches of death. Under the aggressive so-called “exportation of revolution” principle, Iran injects the region with poison, vengeance, massacres and prejudices.

The regime in Tehran uses disinformation, deception, and political maneuvering to fool the Arab people and the international community. It is developing weapons of mass destruction, giving foreign powers justifications to intervene in our Arab region. The helpless Iranian people pay the price for the recklessness of their arrogant and evil leadership with their security and livelihoods.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia extends its open arms to the world and leads a sober project based on stability, social and economic wellbeing. This orientation, both materially and morally, reaches the rest of the world.

The Iranian regime suffers from international sanctions on its exports and severe isolation that forces it to knock on the doors of the black market, dealing under the table. Saudi Arabia’s position among the nations, on the other hand, is strengthened day after day. Next November, Riyadh will host the G20 summit, marking a golden moment in history that every Arab and Muslim can be proud of.

From here, the big question is asked: On what grounds do some call for support for the destructive Iranian project against the constructive Arab project represented by Saudi Arabia? What an unfair comparison and an impotent logic.

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