New Tunisia President Takes Office Next Week

Sunday, 20 October, 2019 - 05:30
Tunis - Mongi Saidani

Acting Tunisian parliament Speaker Abdelfattah Mourou stated that preparations were underway for newly-elected President Kais Saied’s first speech next week.

Scheduled for Wednesday, it will be followed with his swearing in ceremony during an extraordinary parliament meeting.

He will then head to Carthage presidential palace to officially assume his constitutional duties. They will be transferred to him by interim president Mohamed Ennaceur.

Earlier this week, Saied’s supporters were accused of assaulting journalists, who were opposed to the new president’s policies. They also promoted politically charged rhetoric directed against the media and various unions.

This was viewed as a challenge to Saied, who will be demanded to rein in his supporters, said political observers.

Abdul Hamid Ammar, from a labor union, said the people are entitled to receive a “clear” speech from Saied. He must also stand firmly against all acts of violence and distance himself from the “politicization” of his supporters.

Meanwhile, Ennahda Movement leader Rached Ghannouchi is expected to be nominated for the premiership. He will be one of many candidates as his movement failed to secure a majority in parliament during recent elections.

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