Coalition Raids in Hajjah, Al-Jawf Leave Casualties Among Houthis

Monday, 16 September, 2019 - 08:45
Taiz- Asharq Al-Awsat

Deaths and injuries among the ranks of Houthi militias resulted on Sunday from battles on the fronts of al-Jawf, Hiran, Abs, and Haradh in Hajjah province, northwest of Sanaa, due to clashes with the national army and Saudi-led coalition raids.

In Hajjah province, which borders Saudi Arabia, dozens of people were killed and wounded among coupists.

These casualties were the result of the national army’s repelling of a comprehensive attack by the militias on various fronts in Hiran, Abs, and Haradh, according to a military source.

Dozens of Houthis were killed or wounded in simultaneous violent attacks on army positions in Bani Hassan in the district of Abs, east of Hiran, and on Haradh city’s surrounding.

Arab coalition fighter jets carried out a number of raids on sites and militias’ gatherings and reinforcements, killing and injuring a number of militants and targeting three armed crews, rocket launchers and weapons stores in Abs and Haradh.

Late August, the army forces in the Fifth Military Area, led by Major General Yahya Salah, launched a military operation on the outskirts of Haradh, which resulted in the liberation of about 20 villages adjacent to the city and the capture of 23 Houthi elements.

Meanwhile, the military source said Brigadier General Adel Muqbel Ali Abu Asba, commander of the 135th Brigade, was killed during clashes in south Yemen’s Ad Dali’ front.

Battles have been ongoing since August in Ad Dali’ as part of the military operation to complete freeing the province from the grip of Houthi coup militias.

Under the support of the coalition, the national army was able to advance in the area and liberate a number of Houthi-run villages, mountains, and strategic sites, most notably in the districts of Qaataba and Morais, north Yemen.

The source explained that the senior Houthi commander was killed in an attack during which the militias were attempting to infiltrate to the National Army sites in the fronts of al-Ribi, Zubayrat, and Shakhb.

Abu Asba’s funeral took place on Saturday in the capital, Sanaa, and his corps was sent to his hometown of Barat al-Anan in al-Jawf province, Houthi version of Saba news agency reported.

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