Six Hirak Detainees Renounce Moroccan Citizenship

Sunday, 25 August, 2019 - 12:45
Casablanca- Lahssen Moqana

After months, Nasser Zefzafi – head Of Hoceima movement – and five of his friends announced in a statement renouncing their Moroccan citizenship as an objection over their arrest.

«An official request has been sent by the detainees to the Minister of Justice and the President of the Public Prosecutor's Office. Do not take it lightly», Ahmed Zefzafi, Nasser's father said in a Facebook live video.

Ahmed conveyed the letter of the six detainees who are serving sentences ranging between 15 to 20 years over Hoceima protests in 2017. They renounced their Moroccan citizenship and requested that the international community bears its responsibility towards them.

Nasser's father defended them saying that those corrupt should be arrested, instead. He described the detainees’ decision as ‘dangerous’, saying that their demand to renounce the nationality is the last thing they could do to be heard.

Ahmed addressed King Mohammed VI, appealing for a release of the detainees.

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