Bahrain Slams Latest Qatari Conspiracy against it

Tuesday, 16 July, 2019 - 09:15
Asharq Al-Awsat

Bahrain slammed on Tuesday the latest conspiracy by Qatar against it in wake of the airing of a television program by the Qatar-owned Al Jazeera channel.

The "What is hidden is more immense" program aired on Sunday in what a Bahrain Defense Forces (BDF) spokesman said was the latest chapter of its conspiracy against the Kingdom as part of Qatar’s attempt to undermine and estrange the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.

He denounced the “fabrication” made by Yasser Athbi Al Jalahma during the program.

The BDF clarified that the security brigade he had worked for in 2011 was an auxiliary force at the Interior Ministry assigned to secure the Salmaniya Hospital.

This brigade was never tasked with any task in the process of entering the roundabout, therefore, Jalahma’s claims about the number of the unit, the status of its armament and the photos purportedly taken by the Interior Minister, are utterly baseless.

The spokesman said that in 2018, BDF security forces found out that that Jalahma attempted to recruit members for a spy cell working for Qatar. He was complicit with other suspects in attempting to reveal classified defense and intelligence information to Qatari intelligence in order to commit acts that harm Bahrain.

He et alia had disclosed vital classified information and military secrets to unauthorized individuals.

After the Military Prosecution completed its thorough investigations, the case was referred to the Military Judiciary. On April 30, various sentences were issued by the Military Court against the suspects, including life and temporary prison terms.

Jalahma was sentenced to death in absentia, demoted in rank to soldier and dishonorably discharged from the BDF. His name was written off the BDF reserves list.

He is still at large.

In 2013, Jalahma was also sentenced to ten years for failing to respond to the call of the Reserve Force. He fled to Qatar and acquired its nationality without approval from the relevant department in the BDF.

A judicial warrant of arrest was issued against him through Interpol.

The spokesman stressed that Al Jazeera incites hatred and proves to the world that Qatar embraces terrorists and finances them to distort Bahrain’s image in an attempt to destabilize the kingdom’s civil peace and sow sedition among GCC states.

Qatar’s “destructive tool will continue to target us, but Bahrain will remain forever a strong, serene Arab country ruled by the noble Al Khalifa Royal Family,” he stated.

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