10-Year Prison Sentence for Ex-Egyptian Governor Convicted of Corruption

Wednesday, 26 June, 2019 - 11:15
Cairo - Mohammed Abdo Hasanein

The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Tuesday former Menoufiya Governor Hisham Abdel Baset to 10 years in prison and fined him 58 million pounds on graft charges.

Head of the Illicit Gain Authority Adel Saeed referred the ex-governor along with others to the criminal court over corruption and bribery.

“This wealth isn’t compatible with his income, and he wasn’t able to prove its source,” investigations showed.

Abdel Baset was also accused of unlawfully seizing some 27.49 million pounds from the province’s funds.

According to the indictment, he agreed with other defendants to propose four development and upgrading the efficiency of a number of buildings in the province and ordered assigning the projects to a company owned by one of the accused, in violation of the tenders.

He decided that the projects will cost 92 million pounds while their value doesn’t exceed 12 million. He was also convicted of money laundering by investing in the purchase of many real estate assets and cars as well as other charges.

This sentence is the second of its kind against Abdel Baset, who was sentenced by Giza Criminal Court to 10 years in prison and fined 15 million pounds after he was convicted of receiving bribes of up to 27.45 million pounds.

The public prosecution’s investigation stated that he used his influence as an employee in the public sector and requested a bribe to perform a job for the second accused, estimated at 27.45 million pounds through the third defendant.

In return, Abdel Baset was requested to assign development projects and upgrading the efficiency and supply of a number of facilities in Menoufiya to the second defendant’s company.

He was also requested to approve these projects as a contractor and facilitate receiving these offers in addition to the speedy end of procedures for the disbursement of financial benefits.

On the other hand, Alexandria Criminal Court adjourned Tuesday the trial of Seifeddin Moustafa Imam, the hijacker of an EgyptAir passenger plane that landed in Cyprus in March 2016, till September 24.

EgyptAir’s Airbus ‘A 742’ was hijacked by Imam while en route from Alexandria’s Borg El Arab Airport to Cairo International Airport.

The hijacker forced the pilot to divert the flight to Cyprus, threatening the passengers with a fake suicide belt.

Upon arrival to Cyprus, Cypriot police forces arrested Imam and freed all passengers and the crew.

Imam faces charges of hijacking an airplane and changing its course on purpose, threatening and kidnapping and holding its crew members and passengers for a terrorist reason.

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