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Bush/Al-Qaeda Vs. Trump/Iran: Comparisons and Probabilities

Bush/Al-Qaeda Vs. Trump/Iran: Comparisons and Probabilities

Wednesday, 5 June, 2019 - 07:30
Some critics have suggested that former President George W. Bush – following the 9/11 attacks - acted as a Roman emperor. Some, for example, concluded that he adopted the arbitrariness of the two pagan emperors, Nero and Caracalla, and was inspired by the two Christian emperors Constantine and Justinian in the Holy War.

George W. had very humble intellectual abilities. His modesty degenerates into illiteracy when it comes to foreign policy. But the crime of Osama bin Laden in New York and Washington ignited his term.

This was how he turned into the emperor that we saw in Afghanistan and Iraq, and later in Guantanamo. Before 9/11, his authority seemed to be lacking legitimacy. He won with a small difference of 537 votes in Florida, which is governed by his own brother, Jeb Bush!

His Democratic rival and former vice-president, Al Gore, preceded him by nearly half a million votes. Moreover, as soon as he was elected to the presidency, his supporters returned to their senses and were aware of what they had done: his popularity was rapidly falling apart in public opinion polls.

But after 9/11, everything changed. The rescuing hero emerged from a cosmic error. Because of his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the accompanying mobilization, this modest person was compared to Napoleon Bonaparte: He had a message to the world.

Indeed, bin Laden’s gift was for Bush a generous opportunity to showcase intelligence and heroism. They said he was not only eradicating terrorism and spreading democracy, but also reshaping the world in a fairer and juster way.

The myths of good and evil, and “either with us or against us,” were spread through Bush’s doing. A bunch of Manichaean values - promoted upside down by bin Laden himself – came to life under the US president’s rule. The two are almost twins in their mythical consciousness, but each of them pretends to be the good twin of his villain brother.

Nonetheless, because of the bin Laden strike, the modest president was again elected to the head of a very complex country. George W. Bush is a genius compared to Donald Trump. But there are fears that the latter will find in Tehran what the former found in Al-Qaeda, that is, the substance that turns him into an extraordinary leader in intelligence, knowledge, and courage.

Indeed, amidst a US-Iranian climate of war, he announced that he would launch his campaign for a second presidential term, and many expect him to succeed. There is an important point to highlight in this regard: Trump has reached the White House with an incomplete legitimacy: On the one hand, his rival, Hillary Clinton, preceded him with a big number of votes, and on the other hand, his election was surrounded by several suspicions - not completely dissipated - on the Russian role behind his victory.

It is Iran that can turn him into a champion and a wise man, just as Al-Qaeda did with George W. Bush. It can precisely do so because of its permanent policy of war and aggression.

Since the early days of its revolution, Iran began spreading the theory of “exporting the revolution” that has made millions of fearful people support a murderer like Saddam Hussein and regard him as the savior, even through an invasion.

This theory culminated with Iran’s intervention in Syria, which was supported by its sectarian arms in Lebanon and Iraq. Today, there is an expansionist octopus that scares its neighbors as much as it tries to change the face of the region, not in response to the wishes of its people, but by a will dictated by Tehran. All this may be shadowed by a nuclear weapon that expands the fear of Iran as much as it deepens it.

Those reasons are not necessarily the same reasons that make Trump move. But the probability of war - despite its decline that is met with legitimate satisfaction – cannot be discarded indefinitely. Such a war can turn Trump into a hero whom the legend will call the Dragon Assassin. All his failures, in this case, will turn into great successes.

His childish narcissism, his attitude towards foreigners and women, his walls policy, his threat to international trade, his isolationist tendency, his hostility to liberal democracy, the media and the judiciary… all this package will become part of a shining program that is worthy only of immortal leaders.

As Ariel Sharon found in the war launched by George W. Bush a cover to resume his attack on the Palestinians and put it within the framework of fighting terrorism, an American-Iranian war will provide many Sharons with arguments, from “fighting terrorism” to “resisting imperialism”, always accompanied with destruction and blood. The world plight will further deepen, and conscience will be one of its first victims.

Extremism, violence, and fear create false heroes... Many saw in the October Communist and Russian Revolution of 1917 one of the reasons for the subsequent rise of fascism in Europe. And so on...

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