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Khaled Al-Faraj: One of Qaeda’s Top Logistics Operative for 2003-2004 Operations

Khaled Al-Faraj: One of Qaeda’s Top Logistics Operative for 2003-2004 Operations

Wednesday, 24 April, 2019 - 13:45
Al-Mohayya neighborhood bombing with Khaled Al-Faraj in the framework (Asharq Al-Awsat Arabic Website)
Riyadh- Asharq Al-Awsat
Khaled Al-Faraj gained notoriety for his involvement with Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia between the years 2003 and 2004. His role as a logistics provider was incremental for staging a series of terror attacks in the kingdom.

Faraj acted as a vital tether and cover for members of the terror ring. He was listed as wanted by security forces in mid-2003.

Although his evil contributions match those of like-minded terrorists, Faraj’s high-stake arrest chase is considered unique for having resulted not only in the death of security servicemen, but even his own father.

Faraj was arrested during a security operation that first raided one of the commercial shops he ran and chased him back to his residence, where a fire exchange killed his father alongside other officers.

Whilst serving jail time, Faraj learned that the hope he had placed in his al-Qaeda comrades coming to his rescue was dead wrong. Spending time in prison with Nimr al-Baqmi, a death row inmate which was executed back in 2016, revealed to Faraj the terror group’s intentions to end his service with assassination.

Investigations with Faraj produced valuable leads and intelligence on al-Qaeda posts, training centers and much more.

With no account of personally engaging in combat or violence, Faraj was tried on the grounds of being an affiliate of an outlaw terrorist organization, conspiring with and plotting terror attacks and sheltering terrorists.

Charges of recruitment for al-Qaeda, espionage, and involvement in the preparations for assassination attempts against officers were also pressed against him. Faraj was also tasked with covering up the targeting of the head of investigations bureau in Riyadh.

Ultimately he was convicted on all counts, including the indictment’s claims of personally training in illegal armed combat, transferring money to terror-linked individuals, and aiding the perpetrator of the 2003 terrorist Mohayyah neighborhood bombings.

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