Syria Opposition: Rapprochement with Moscow Brings us Closer to Political Solution

Monday, 22 April, 2019 - 10:15
Riyadh – Fatehelrahman Yousif

Syria’s opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC) reported on progress in forming the constitutional committee and said holding discussions with Russia as a mediator may shorten the duration of the war and open room for political transition.

“We can say that we are the closest we have ever been to completing the formation of the committee. The discussions have focused on three central issues, including care, structure and procedural rules,” HNC chief Naser al-Hariri said.

Addressing a Riyadh press conference, Hariri added: “We can say that we are now before a constitutional committee sponsored by the United Nations, as part of the implementation of resolution 2254, so that it will be an important key step for launching the political process.”

He confirmed that even though there is consensus on the majority of nominated members for forming the committee, a few names remain disputed. Nonetheless, he affirmed that discussions are ongoing and that consensus on those names is expected soon.

He stressed that successfully establishing the committee would be a great step forward for the people of Syria.

Once formed by the regime and opposition members, the constitutional body will then engage in deep discussions in order to chart the political future of Syria in line with international resolutions, guarantee a political solution and realize the aspirations of the people.

Hariri had held talks in Riyadh last week with Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Lavrentiev.

They discussed the need to preserve the Sochi agreement on Idlib to protect the people, especially in wake of the regime and its allied militias’ violations.

Hariri acknowledged the rapprochement between the HNC and Russia during a “positive” moment of understanding between the two sides.

There can be no escaping the political solution, which must include all parties, especially Russia that has played a major role in Syria, he remarked.

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