Iron Dome Battery Deployed to Protect ‘Eurovision’ in Tel Aviv

Thursday, 18 April, 2019 - 10:30
Tel Aviv - Asharq Al Awsat

The Israel armed forces deployed additional Iron Dome air defense batteries on Tuesday in the central regions surrounding Tel Aviv, in anticipation of launching missiles from Gaza Strip during Eurovision Song Contest 2019 on 14-18 May.

An Israeli military source said that despite the current progress in negotiations with Hamas and Israel permitting the access of Qatari funds, the army is taking the Palestinian threats seriously and is preparing for any attempt by Hamas or other armed faction to disrupt or ruin the event through launching missiles.

Some in Gaza think that Eurovision is the best occasion to shed light on citizens’ sufferings in the strip, affirmed the source, and don't find a better means than to escalate conditions and launch missiles during the event.

The threat was made by an anonymous who spoke in a video that spread widely on media. The Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza Strip won’t permit the occupation government to hold the Eurovision in case the occupation didn’t fulfill its latest agreements, threatened the anonymous who was speaking in Arabic.

The video also displayed footage of the song contest to be held in Tel Aviv and an aerial image of the location where it will take place.

Israeli authorities consider that the contest that witnesses participation of 41 European bands is the greatest event in 2019, although it is concurrent with the anniversary of Nakba Day.

The Guardian published last Sep. a statement signed by 100 artists who announced boycotting Eurovision because it is being held in Israel.

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