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Abbas: Trump Reneged On Two-State Solution, NATO Deployment

Abbas: Trump Reneged On Two-State Solution, NATO Deployment

Monday, 25 March, 2019 - 10:45
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (AFP)
Ramallah- Kifah Zboun
US President Donald Trump agreed to deploy NATO forces in Palestine, revealed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

During their fourth meeting in New York in December 2017, Trump expressed his support for the idea of the two-state solution, indicating that he would publicly announce his decision within a week.

"What we want is our independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital with the 1967 borders, with an agreement on the outstanding issues we discussed with the Israelis in the Oslo accords," Abbas told a group of Harvard University students who visited him at the Presidential palace.

Abbas asserted that Palestinian people want to achieve their rights and their state through peaceful means, which is through negotiations, "and we will not choose any way to achieve our rights other than negotiations.”

He reiterated that Palestinian will always extend their hand to the Israeli government chosen by the Israeli people to negotiate on the bases put by the international organization.

“We are now facing three major issues or problems, namely with the US administration. We consider the US a great and democratic nation and believe in freedom and justice for all. We wanted Washington to be the judge after we signed the Oslo agreement, however, nothing has happened so far.”

He explained how during their last meeting, Abbas asked Trump about the two-state solution and the US President asserted he was in favor of that.

“I told Trump that if Israel was concerned about its security situation, I would recommend stationing NATO troops in Palestine in order to defend Israel and ensure our security.”

Trump asked one of his advisers who said that about 6,000 troops could be allocated for the task.

“I told him, Mr. President, I do not believe in war. I believe that if we get our state I will prefer to build a school than to buy a tank, I would rather build a hospital than a fighter plane. I don’t want weapons, I want to build a state.” At that point, Abbas said, Trump looked at him and said, “How is it that people say you are a terrorist? You are a man of peace.”

Two weeks after the meeting, Trump announced his intention to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, along with the cutting off of US funds to UNWRA, which consequently led to breaking off relations between the PA and the US, Abbas said.

Trump also gave his permission for establishing settlements on Palestinian territories, and the Palestinian authorities responded by saying it refused to talk with the US administration in light of its policy.

Abbas asserted that the PA was willing to review their decision if Trump did not transfer the embassy, asserting East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine and calling upon the US President to reconsider the decision.

“Mr. Trump. You are not the ruler of the world. There are international laws and regulations. If you want to manage this issue, you must abide by international legitimacy... Can anyone of us say that Alaska is not US state, but Russian?”

President Abbas concluded by saying: “we are a state under occupation, but we have dignity and we seek international justice, and this is our position with US."

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