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Keyless Cars Can be Easily Stolen

Keyless Cars Can be Easily Stolen

Saturday, 2 February, 2019 - 07:15
London - Asharq Al-Awsat
More than half of the 17 million vehicles sold every year are keyless, which for many is a great advantage, making it faster and easier to get in and out of the car if you end up alone in a car park at night.

A report published by the "Witch?" website said that the cars that operate without a key are easy to break. Among 237 tested cars, 230 were opened, including Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, by using the relays technology, the German news agency (DPA) reported.

The term "relay" refers to the use of a wireless communication box, a device that wirelessly transmits signals from one location to another. If someone wants to steal a keyless car, they only have to put a radio box at the front door (or near the car key) and send the signal emitted by the key to another radio box near the vehicle. This technique deceives the car, which will think that the key is close to it and then, opens the doors.

According to the report, the cars that cannot be stolen by this technology are all models of Jaguar and Land Rover. Some companies have taken measures to prevent theft of their keyless cars. BMW and Mercedes have added sensors to the keys, so the car would not open if the key was stationary and immovable.

According to the US Department of Justice, car theft has declined since 2008 in which 960,000 cars were stolen to nearly 774,000 cars in 2017.

As long as the keyless feature of the car is available and popular, automakers will not stop providing their cars with it, no matter how much the vehicle is exposed.

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