Israeli Report: US Fears Netanyahu’s Rejection of ‘Deal of the Century’

Tuesday, 13 November, 2018 - 12:00
Tel Aviv - Asharq Al-Awsat

American officials are concerned that their Israeli allies could form an obstacle in the implementation of the “Deal of the Century,” reported an Israeli daily. It explained that Palestinians have been open about rejecting the deal, while the Israelis have not.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been building his strategy on the basis of Palestinian rejection of the deal.

Moreover, he is planning to bring forward the elections date so that he will not have to deal with this peace plan.

The Jerusalem Post said Monday that “the finishing touches are being put on the plan, and it could be rolled out as early as next month or in January.”

However, the paper added: “The US schedule doesn’t seem to match up with Israel’s schedule as Netanyahu is apparently toying with the idea of moving up the elections, scheduled now for November 2019.”

Since “no one in the coalition believes the government will last until then”, and that Netanyahu is likely “to dissolve the government in the coming months”, the Jerusalem Post noted that “there would be no point in [the US] rolling out a peace deal that Israel will not be able to embrace”.

Washington understands that Israeli polls indicate that Netanyahu is most likely to win the elections, the paper pointed out, adding that in order for the premier to achieve this victory, he will have to repeat his 2015 experience by shifting to the right-wing extremist discourse.

Back then, he retreated his support for the establishment of a Palestinian state and said such a state would never take place during his rule.

“If the plan calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state”, Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett could use that to “attack Netanyahu, who would be caught in a dilemma,” the newspaper explained.

“On the one hand, he would be expected to embrace the plan that had been forged by an administration that he claims is the most pro-Israel in American history. But if he does embrace it, he gives ammunition to his political adversaries,” the report continued.

“If, however, Netanyahu distances himself from the plan, this could also have far-reaching implications and create an unprecedented rift between him and US President Donald Trump.”

The newspaper described its report as a US message to Netanyahu, warning him against the consequences of rejecting the "Deal of the Century".

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