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2 Egyptian Brothers Leave Engineering to Pursue Unconventional Music Production

2 Egyptian Brothers Leave Engineering to Pursue Unconventional Music Production

Saturday, 1 September, 2018 - 11:00
Ahmad and Islam Issam, Asharq Al-Awsat
Cairo - Mahmoud Jarween
Two Egyptian brothers were able to reinvent local music production by incorporating naturally existing sounds with para-instrumental and unconventional items used in daily activities such as pen caps, office tools, travel bags, and water noises.

Ahmad and Islam Issam have exclusively worked on covers for famous Egyptian singers.

First set out to become engineers, the two brothers had little to do with art but a lot of passion and interest directed them towards music.

Founding their very own band called "Addameer" (Arabic for conscience) their adopted unorthodox style of composition proved that everyday items and actions can make for a rich environment when it comes to music making.

“Our passion for music and our hobby of listening to songs and singers' drums has led us to find a new outlet for our talent,” Ahmad, 28, told Asharq Al Awsat.

“We wanted to offer something new and unfamiliar… YouTube was our way to follow up on what Egyptians watch most and songs they like,” he added on Addameer’s cover selections.

“We are keen to choose ageless songs that live on in the hearts of Egyptians, and that is popular among viewers.”

Once settled on a tune, Ahmad and his brother then determine tools needed for their own twist on the melody.

“The video is always inspired by the environment around us.”

“We use office tools, water, travel bags, car tools, loudspeakers, and everything that can be adapted to produce sound and fits the chosen-- along with the violin that is essential to all our videos,” Ahmad explained.

Ahmad tells how a decline in popular taste in music has inspired their whole venture, saying that it was an inherent dislike for modern music played at local festivals, and reminiscence for folk and pop culture songs that motivated Addameer’s coming to life.

Hand in hand, Ahmad and Islam transformed their own taste in music into fresh videos that went viral with young people.

The brothers performed eight songs for different Egyptian singers, with the A list Egyptian vocalist Amr Diab initially performing the most original covers of Addameer’s releases.

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