Over 1.5 mln Hajj Pilgrims Arrive in Saudi Arabia

Over 1.5 mln Hajj Pilgrims Arrive in Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, 15 August, 2018 - 08:00
Prince Khalid Al-Faisal inspecting facilities, services and equipment provided for pilgrims in the holy places (SPA)
Jeddah - Asma Al-Ghabiri
Makkah Region Governor Prince Khalid Al-Faisal announced on Tuesday that the total number of foreign Hajj pilgrims who arrived in Saudi Arabia has reached 1,521,918, adding that they mostly had Indonesian, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Turkish and Iranian nationalities.

Prince Khalid made the announcement during a speech he gave at the housing center in Muzdalifah, an open and level area associated with the Ḥajj and located southeast of Mina.

In his speech, the Makakh region governor assured the readiness of all facilities and services to efficiently assist pilgrims.

He revealed that 224,655 permits were issued for pilgrims inside.

It is worth noting that at least 87 unlawful offices issuing forged false entrance permits were shut down, 355,453 Hajj regulations violators were apprehended, and 2,760 unlicensed transporters were arrested for trafficking unregulated pilgrims.

The total number of vehicles forced to return from entrance gates at the Holy City was 157,335 vehicles.

Prince Khalid also pointed out that he closely reviewed the high coordination between teams helping run Hajj operations, saying their work was characterized by self-development, creative thinking, and quick action.

He added that operations have managed to smoothly process over 40,000 pilgrims daily.

Technology contributed to the speedy and accurate completion of processing pilgrims, he added.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, Director General of King Abdulaziz International Airport Essam Fouad Nour said that the Jeddah airport received a whopping 691,872 pilgrims.

Because of Jeddah's proximity to Islam's holy city of Makkah, the airport is notable for one feature in particular: The Hajj Terminal. Specially built to handle pilgrims to take part in the rituals associated with the annual Hajj, it offers many facilities and can accommodate 80,000 travelers at the same time.

Nour stressed preparations at the new Jeddah airport began in full swing and are successfully receiving all Hajj and Umrah flights.

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