Hamas Considers Kushner, Greenblatt and Friedman Israeli Spokesmen

Saturday, 21 July, 2018 - 11:00
Gaza - Asharq Al-Awsat

Three senior US officials have slammed “Hamas” and held it fully responsible for the misery of the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip, which has been ruled by the movement since 2007.

Jared Kushner, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, Jason Greenblatt, special US representative for international negotiations, and David Friedman, US ambassador to Israel, penned a Washington Post piece, “Help is at hand for Palestinians. It’s all up to Hamas.”

In their article, the three officials pledged to help Palestinians, especially in Gaza, saying that unless “Hamas” recognizes Israel, abides by previous agreements and renounces violence “there is no good option."

They added that “one reality was painfully clear: The nightmare of Hamas’ leadership is continuing and needlessly prolonging the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza."

“The Palestinians of Gaza are stuck in a vicious cycle where corrupt and hateful leadership has provoked conflicts leading to reduced opportunities and the poverty and hopelessness that follow,” the article read.

They pointed out that there was no good option in which direct aid to the Palestinians could be provided.

“International donors are conflicted,” they said, over means of providing support, having supported the infrastructure that was largely destroyed by the "Hamas aggression," as they described it.

The three urged "Hamas" to follow most countries in the Middle East in acknowledging that the existence of Israel is a permanent reality and argued that the group is fighting its war at the expense of the Palestinian people.

“Peace will provide opportunity to break this stalemate, and peace will be achieved only by embracing reality and dismissing a flawed ideology,” they noted.

Life for Palestinians, the trio argued, could swiftly and significantly improve if “Hamas” allowed it. “There are engaged, interested parties with resources who are ready to get to work. Yet without real change accompanied by reliable security, progress is impossible,” they stressed.

“If Hamas demonstrates clear, peaceful intentions — not just by word but, more importantly, by deed — then all manner of new opportunities becomes possible.”

For his part, "Hamas" spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri reacted to the article on his Twitter account, accusing Greenblatt and Kushner of acting as a mouthpiece for Israel's "occupation."

“Greenblatt and Kushner have adopted the Israeli position. Its continued attacks on the Hamas organization reflects the arrogance of the US administration, which has turned its officials into spokesmen for the Israeli occupation only,” he said.

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