Saudi Electricity Company Saves $109 Mln of Diesel, Raw Fuel

Saudi Electricity Company Saves $109 Mln of Diesel, Raw Fuel

Friday, 20 July, 2018 - 09:30
Riyadh - Asharq Al-Awsat
A technical report from the Saudi Electricity Company revealed its success in the execution of several modern projects in the field of electricity generation, which contributed in just two and a half years to reducing oil dependency a significant percentage (57 million barrels) Diesel and 52.2 million barrels of crude oil since 2016.

The report highlights the major projects that have contributed to the success of the strategy of reducing dependency on oil in the vision of the 2030 Kingdom and the company's efforts to compete with global performance indicators.

The report indicates that these projects have helped to improve the thermal efficiency of the electricity system and the conservation of natural resources of the Kingdom by reducing liquid fuel consumption and increasing fuel gas consumption.

Production capacity has been improved through the implementation of modern natural gas and heavy fuel projects. In addition to strengthening the transport network and interconnections between the Kingdom's regions and the execution of projects linking isolated sites to the network, which has improved economic options and improved thermal efficiency of 36 , 2% at the end of 2015 at 40.3%.

The report indicates that among the projects that have helped improve the thermal efficiency of the electrical system and the reduction of diesel and fuel consumption The South Jeddah steam plant, which operates with a capacity of 2640 megawatts, contributed to the elimination of many less efficient production units.

The tenth station has a vehicle cycle and improved efficiency. It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Electricity Company is currently working on the completion of the operation of the Al-Shakhib steam power plant with a capacity of (2640) megawatts to strengthen the service of electricity in the southern regions established according to the latest technologies in electricity generation, And will help reduce dependence on oil, in accordance with the vision of the 2030 Kingdom.

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