PA Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa Forbidding Land Sales to Israelis

Wednesday, 11 July, 2018 - 08:15
Ramallah – Kifah Zaboun

Palestinian Authority Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed Hussein issued a fatwa on Tuesday forbidding any contribution to the process of transfer of ownership of Palestinian land in Jerusalem to occupying Israeli forces.

Sheikh Hussein’s fatwa came in light of recent aggressions carried out by occupation authorities to take control over Palestinian territories through discussing a bill allowing Jews to own land in the West Bank.

Considering Palestine a sacred land, the fatwa said it is forbidden to sell Palestinian property to enemies. Citing Islamic principles on preserving general benefits of Islamic public, Sheikh Hussein said that Palestinian lands are not regarded as private property.

“He who sells his land to his enemies or accepts any compensation is a sinner -- because the seller of the land to enemies is working for the removal of Muslims from their homes,” said the PA Mufti.

The Mufti in the strongest condemnation of selling Palestinian territory said that broker or seller are cast out of the religion and are accused of treason of God, the prophet and the homeland.

“The actor (anyone involved in sales of property to Israeli parties) is an apostate of Islam, a traitor to God, the Messenger peace be upon him, and their homeland-- Muslims must boycott them,” he added.

Boycotting someone from within the Islamic community translates into complete social and economic disengagement.

Any party boycotted will not be allowed to marry, receive prayers nor be given proper Islamic burial.

It is worth noting that this is not the first fatwa forbidding the sale of land to Jews throughout the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. However, it is the first officially issued fatwa in years.

Grand Mufti Hussein referred his fatwa to a 1996 decision by the Supreme Fatwa Council.

The religious statement reinforces the efforts of the security authority to curb the transfer of Palestinian land to Israelis.

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