New Chinese Robot Developed for Babysitting

New Chinese Robot Developed for Babysitting

Tuesday, 19 June, 2018 - 06:15
A child plays with a robot at the World Robot Conference in Beijing in November. (Reuters)
London - Asharq Al-Awsat
A new robot developed in China can speak two languages, give math lessons, tells jokes and interact with children through the tablet screen in its chest.

The new robot dubbed “iPal” was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Shanghai this week. It offers education and company for lonely children and peace of mind for adults.

The humanoid device stands as tall as a five-year-old, moves and dances on wheels and its eyes can read the child’s face expressions through a special technology, reported the German news agency.

Tingyu Huang, co-founder of AvatarMind Robot Technology said: “The idea for this robot is to be a companion for children.”

The website quoted Huang who added: “When a child sees it, he or she will think of the robot as a friend, as another child in the family.”

He said “iPal”, which will cost 9,000 yuan ($1,400), cannot replace parents or teachers, but it can be a “complementary tool to relieve some of their burden.”

AvatarMind will soon launch another robot that can talk to seniors, remind them to take their pills and call the hospital in case of emergencies.

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