Houthis Order Expansion of their Cemeteries

Houthis Order Expansion of their Cemeteries

Wednesday, 13 June, 2018 - 10:45
A soldier walks at Red Sea port of Hodeidah, Yemen. Reuters
Sanaa - Asharq Al-Awsat
Houthi commanders have ordered the expansion of their cemeteries after a rise in deaths among Houthi fighters on the fronts of the west coast, Saada, Jawf, Hajjah and Bayda’.

The orders came at a time when the militias have admitted of sacking 25,000 public sector employees amid efforts to keep their positions to Houthi supporters.

In the coming days, the "elimination" process will witness the sacking of another 50,000 civilian employees, along with 100,000 from the military and security sectors.

In this context, informed sources in Sanaa told Asharq Al-Awsat that head of the Houthi militia’s Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat ordered his followers to prepare urgent plans to expand the cemeteries for the burial of rebels in various governorates.

The official sources said that the newly appointed Houthi Governor in Raymah, Faris al-Habari, began his duties on the ground by inspecting the graveyard of the militias and ordered to decorate and expand it.

The Houthi version of Saba News Agency said that Habari visited the cemetery in Jabin Directorate and ordered officials there to improve it.

Habari promised, according to the Houthi agency, that Raymah Governorate would be "a pioneer in sacrificing the best of its men."

He was likely referring to the fate of the new recruits, who the Houthi leader is trying to mobilize through coercion to fight in the West Coast Front.

Informed sources in Sanaa also revealed that Abdul Malik al-Houthi has chosen Habari to become governor of Raymah because he was confident in his ability to force locals to recruit their children by intimidation and threat.

They added that he is also capable of transforming the mountainous province with rugged terrain into an alternative base for the group to attack Hodeidah, which the group is about to lose control over.

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