EU Allocates EUR300 Million Support to Tunisia

EU Allocates EUR300 Million Support to Tunisia

Thursday, 17 May, 2018 - 11:45
The people of the region are rightly demanding economic growth and fairness. The IMF aims to help them in this effort (photo: Tunis, Tunisia, ZOUBEIR SOUISSI/REUTERS/Newscom).
Tunisia – Almunji Al Saeedani
The 14th session of the Tunisia-EU Association Council was concluded by announcing the allocation of additional support in the forms of donations to the Tunisian economy during the current year, worth EUR300 million.

In addition to the economic activities and the sectors of priority such as tourism, a part of the European financial credentials will be addressed to supporting the Tunisian economy and updating it through directing the digital economy activities, renewable energy and research axes.

The emerging institutions will be supported through financial credentials worth EUR25 million. The European support aims to establish one thousand renewed institutions in Tunisia. The EU will also fund a new program that benefits the youths.

Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui showcased infront of the European officials the priorities of the Tunisian government during the coming period. He shed light on the need of Tunisia for the financial assistance of the EU to push the domestic economy and to enhance the social and economic conditions.

He stressed the importance of adopting a road-map that translates Tunisia’ commitment to proceed with the economic and social reforms. On the same occasion, he announced organizing a mission to Tunisia during the current year in partnership with the European financial institutions to discuss the required logistic and financial support.

Several Tunisian political, syndicate and social parties expressed concerns towards the EU neighborhood policy, especially on the economic level. The comprehensive and thorough free trade agreement between the two parties is expected to influence a number of small and medium Tunisian institutions.

Further, the EU listed Tunisia on the black list draft as a safe haven for tax evasion and on another black list of the countries most prone to terrorism risks and money laundering.

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