Libya: Haftar’s Highly Anticipated Return Home Expected on Thursday

Libya: Haftar’s Highly Anticipated Return Home Expected on Thursday

Thursday, 26 April, 2018 - 05:15
A man holds a poster of Libyan National Army Commander Khalifa Haftar during a rally in Benghazi, Libya in December 2017. (Reuters)
Cairo - Asharq Al-Awsat
Libyan lawmakers and officials from the Libyan National Army announced that Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is set to return to his country on Thursday after completing treatment at a Paris hospital.

LNA spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari tweeted a message to the Libyan people, saying: “Tomorrow (today) will be a very great day in Libya’s history.”

He did provide further details, but media reports said that he was referring to Haftar’s return to the city of Benghazi.

He revealed that an official reception will be held in his honor. It will be attended by various officials from the eastern region and civil society institutes. Haftar is also set to deliver a speech to the people on the occasion.

Mismari later spoke to Egypt’s Extra News television, revealing that “the enemy in Derna will be dealt a strong blow.”

He added that he will travel to Cairo on Thursday, refusing to disclose the purpose of the trip.

Haftar himself had arrived in Cairo on Tuesday at the head of senior Libyan delegation after recovering from his health setback, reported Extra News.

Officer in the oil facilities guard Mohammed Sadeq al-Qabai revealed on his official Facebook page that he had contacted one of the members of Haftar’s delegation in Cairo, who assured him of his health and that he will be in Libya on Thursday.

Major preparations are underway among the pro-Haftar tribes in eastern Libya to welcome the LNA commander back to the country.

Earlier this week, various media quoted Haftar’s younger brother, Omran, as saying that the commander is in good health. He attributed the exaggeration of his condition to poor media coverage, which created major speculation on the Libyan and Arab scenes.

“The field marshal is well, but some saboteurs from extremist groups, starting with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, are spreading news that his health is deteriorating,” he added.

He revealed that he had contacted his brother five days ago while he was still in Paris.

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