Nasrallah Statements Spark Debate, Forcing ‘Hezbollah’ Clarification

Nasrallah Statements Spark Debate, Forcing ‘Hezbollah’ Clarification

Wednesday, 14 March, 2018 - 07:00
'Hezbollah' clarifies controversial statements made by its secretary general. (AFP)
Beirut - Asharq Al-Awsat
Statements attributed to “Hezbollah” chief Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday sparked a heated debate in Lebanon after he said that the “Wilayet al-Faqih principle was above the constitution.”

He also said that the application of the principle should be mandatory, reported the Farda News website.

He made his statements during a meeting with Iranian residents in Lebanon. The website later retracted the statements and issued an apology to the readers.

“Hezbollah’s” media office later released a statement to deny the Farda News article.

The statements attributed to Nasrallah are completely false, it stressed.

Before it was removed, the article quoted Nasrallah as saying that Lebanese President Michel Aoun was “morally, one of the grandsons of Ali bin Abi Taleb.”

He added: “Several Shi’ite residents of Jezzine have converted to Christianity or become Sunni Muslims. The city of Jezzine has become Christian.”

In addition, he said that several Shi’ites have becomes Sunnis.

A hundred years ago, the northern city of Tripoli was Shi’ite and its residents were Shi’ites. The southern city of Sidon was Shi’ite and now it is Sunni, Nasrallah claimed.

On Wilayet al-Faqih, he said that “Hezbollah” believes more in this principle than the Iranians themselves.

“Wilayet al-Faqih is above the Lebanese constitution,” he stressed.

On “Hezbollah’s” stance on Syrian regime leader Bashar Assad, Nasrallah stated: “We are not fighting for him, but for the purpose of spreading Shi’ism.”

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